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Last change on this file since 462 was 462, checked in by mmc, 15 years ago

Fixed nanovis to take a series of server names as a comma-separated
list, and to try them one after another to make a connection. That
way, if one server is down, you can still reach the rest of the farm.

Added a customized bug handler that looks a little less frightening
than the standard Tcl dialog. Someday, this should log all errors
to a web service, but for now, it just encourages the user to do so.

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1# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2#  UTILITY: bugreport
4#  This redefines the usual Tcl bgerror command to install a nicer
5#  looking bug handler.
6# ======================================================================
7#  AUTHOR:  Michael McLennan, Purdue University
8#  Copyright (c) 2004-2006  Purdue Research Foundation
10#  See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and
11#  redistribution of this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.
12# ======================================================================
14option add *BugReport*banner*foreground white startupFile
15option add *BugReport*banner*background #a9a9a9 startupFile
16option add *BugReport*banner*highlightBackground #a9a9a9 startupFile
17option add *BugReport*banner*font \
18    -*-helvetica-bold-r-normal-*-*-180-* startupFile
19option add *BugReport*expl.font \
20    -*-helvetica-medium-r-normal-*-*-120-* startupFile
21option add *BugReport*expl.wrapLength 3i startupFile
23namespace eval Rappture::bugreport { # forward declaration }
25# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
26# USAGE: install
28# Called once in the main program to install this bug reporting
29# facility.  Any unexpected errors after this call will be handled
30# by this mechanism.
31# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
32proc Rappture::bugreport::install {} {
33    proc ::bgerror {err} { ::Rappture::bugreport::activate $err }
36# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
37# USAGE: activate <error>
39# Used internally to pop up the bug handler whenver a bug is
40# encountered.  Tells the user that there is a bug and logs the
41# problem, so it can be fixed.
42# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
43proc Rappture::bugreport::activate {err} {
44    global errorInfo
46    set w [winfo reqwidth .bugreport]
47    set h [winfo reqheight .bugreport]
48    set x [expr {([winfo screenwidth .bugreport]-$w)/2}]
49    set y [expr {([winfo screenheight .bugreport]-$w)/2}]
51    wm geometry .bugreport +$x+$y
52    wm deiconify .bugreport
53    raise .bugreport
55    # should log the error someday too...
57    catch {grab set .bugreport}
60# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
61# USAGE: deactivate
63# Used internally to take down the bug handler dialog.
64# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
65proc Rappture::bugreport::deactivate {} {
66    grab release .bugreport
67    wm withdraw .bugreport
69    # reset the grab in case it's hosed
70    Rappture::grab::reset
73# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
74# Build the bug reporting dialog
75# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
76toplevel .bugreport -class BugReport -borderwidth 1 -relief solid
77wm overrideredirect .bugreport 1
78wm withdraw .bugreport
80frame .bugreport.banner -background #a9a9a9
81pack .bugreport.banner -side top -fill x
82label .bugreport.banner.icon -image [Rappture::icon alert]
83pack .bugreport.banner.icon -side left -padx 2 -pady 2
84label .bugreport.banner.title -text "Oops! Unexpected Error"
85pack .bugreport.banner.title -side left -padx 2 -pady 2
87button .bugreport.ok -text "OK" -command Rappture::bugreport::deactivate
88pack .bugreport.ok -side bottom -pady {0 8}
90label .bugreport.expl -text "You've found a bug in this application.\n\nIf it's not a serious bug, you may be able to continue using the tool.  But if the tool doesn't seem to behave properly after this, please close this session and start the tool again.\n\nYou can help us improve nanoHUB by reporting this error.  Click on the \"Report Problems\" link in the web page containing this tool session, and tell us what you were doing when the error occurred." -justify left
91pack .bugreport.expl -padx 8 -pady 8
93# this binding keeps the bugreport window on top
94bind BugReportOnTop <ButtonPress> {
95    wm deiconify %W
96    raise %W
98set btags [bindtags .bugreport]
99bindtags .bugreport [linsert $btags 0 BugReportOnTop]
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