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Last change on this file since 899 was 899, checked in by mmc, 16 years ago

Added a -fitness option to the "perform" operation. Right now, you can
specify just the name of an output quantity, and that quantity can be
minimized or maximized. In the future, there should be an expression
parser so you can enter any function of Rappture quantities.

Fixed up the example so that it runs the Rosenbrock function, which is
difficult to minimize. Added a visualize.tcl script, so you can visualize
the output from many different runXXXX.xml files.

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1<?xml version="1.0"?>
3    <tool>
4        <about>This tool is a good example for optimization.  It implements the Rosenbrock function:
6f(x1,x2) = 100(x2 - x1**2)**2 + (1-x1)**2
8This has a minimum at (x1,x2) = (1,1).
10Press Simulate to view results.</about>
11        <command>tclsh @tool/rosenbrock.tcl @driver</command>
12    </tool>
13    <input>
14        <number id="x1">
15            <about>
16                <label>X1</label>
17                <description>first coordinate</description>
18            </about>
19            <min>-2</min>
20            <max>2</max>
21            <default>0</default>
22        </number>
23        <number id="x2">
24            <about>
25                <label>X2</label>
26                <description>second coordinate</description>
27            </about>
28            <min>-2</min>
29            <max>2</max>
30            <default>0</default>
31        </number>
32    </input>
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