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Last change on this file since 1257 was 1257, checked in by mmc, 15 years ago

Added a new Rappture::sysinfo command for querying system load
information. Updated the p2p software to use that command to
gauge the load of workers and execute a "perftest" executable
from time to time to measure worker output.

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1# Tcl autoload index file, version 2.0
2# This file is generated by the "auto_mkindex" command
3# and sourced to set up indexing information for one or
4# more commands.  Typically each line is a command that
5# sets an element in the auto_index array, where the
6# element name is the name of a command and the value is
7# a script that loads the command.
9set auto_index(Handler) [list source [file join $dir handler.tcl]]
10set auto_index(::Handler::protocol) [list source [file join $dir handler.tcl]]
11set auto_index(::Handler::define) [list source [file join $dir handler.tcl]]
12set auto_index(::Handler::connectionName) [list source [file join $dir handler.tcl]]
13set auto_index(::Handler::connectionSpeaks) [list source [file join $dir handler.tcl]]
14set auto_index(::Handler::handle) [list source [file join $dir handler.tcl]]
15set auto_index(::Handler::finalize) [list source [file join $dir handler.tcl]]
16set auto_index(::Handler::handlerType) [list source [file join $dir handler.tcl]]
17set auto_index(Server) [list source [file join $dir server.tcl]]
18set auto_index(::Server::port) [list source [file join $dir server.tcl]]
19set auto_index(::Server::accept) [list source [file join $dir server.tcl]]
20set auto_index(::Server::connectionSpeaks) [list source [file join $dir server.tcl]]
21set auto_index(::Server::handlerType) [list source [file join $dir server.tcl]]
22set auto_index(Client) [list source [file join $dir client.tcl]]
23set auto_index(::Client::send) [list source [file join $dir client.tcl]]
24set auto_index(::Client::address) [list source [file join $dir client.tcl]]
25set auto_index(::Client::handlerType) [list source [file join $dir client.tcl]]
26set auto_index(log) [list source [file join $dir log.tcl]]
27set auto_index(randomize) [list source [file join $dir random.tcl]]
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