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M include/cee/rappture_interface.h
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M src/fortran/rappture_fortran.c
M src/cee/rappture_interface.c
M src/cee/
A src/Makefile

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1To compile the Rappture Library, the following must be done:
31) Adjust the Makefile.
5    Change Makefile variables as needed. Pay particular attention to
6    compilers, CFLAGS, directory names, and where python components
7    are located. Make sure you change the variable 'EMB_PY_FLAGS'
8    to point to the location of the python shared (or static) object
9    library is located. It can be placed in the lib directory directly
10    above this directory.
122) Adjust the file 'include/cee/rappture_interface.h'
14    Line 1 of rappture_interface.h includes 'python2.4/Python.h'.
15    Make sure this file (and all of its supporting files) exist
16    in the directory 'include/cee/'. Replace 'python2.4/Python.h'
17    with the version of python being used and the location where
18    Python.h can be found. Python.h and all of its suppoting files
19    can be downloaded from You
20    will only need the header files to fulfill this task.
21    If you do not have a python object library, you will need to
22    compile python with the appropriate flags (--enable-shared) to
23    get it.
253) Make sure the Rappture module is installed in Python.
274) Make a library
29    make librappture
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