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Last change on this file since 73 was 73, checked in by dkearney, 17 years ago
  1. changes to RpUnits, modified RpUnits::define() function not to look for base units.
  2. changed python RpUnits to return string when units!="off" and a number when units=="off"
  3. modified make files, hopefully making them easier to read, removing vpaths,

cleaning up the make process, combining smaller libraries into one library,
librappture, and putting the core objects into one library - libRpObjects,
for testing.

  1. copied rpResult function into rappture_interface.c to stop compiler from

complaining about undefined references ot the function. trying to use the
function probably won't work. but that can be fixed after the repository is

  1. in example/app-fermi/python/, changed exit() to sys.exit() to

stop python from complaining about no function called exit().

  1. examples/app-fermi/fortran still does not run, but new rappture parser

should take care of these problems. (same with examples/fermi_fortran)

File size: 240 bytes
1RpUnits_fortran.o: $(FORT_SRC)/RpUnits_fortran.c
2        $(CPP) $(CFLAGS) -fPIC $(DEBUG) $(INCL_CORE) -o $@ -c $?
4rappture_fortran.o: $(FORT_SRC)/rappture_fortran.c
5        $(CPP) $(CFLAGS) -fPIC $(DEBUG) $(INCL_CORE) $(INCL_CEE) $(INCL_PY) -o $@ -c $<
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