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disable analyze button when no movie has been choosen in piv
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2 * ----------------------------------------------------------------------
3 *  TkFFMPEG:  video
4 *
5 *  These routines support the methods in the "video" class, which is
6 *  a video stream that can be read from or written to.  The class
7 *  itself is defined in itcl, but when methods are called, execution
8 *  jumps down to this level.
9 * ======================================================================
10 *  AUTHOR:  Michael McLennan, Purdue University
11 *  Copyright (c) 2004-2008  Purdue Research Foundation
12 *
13 *  See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and
14 *  redistribution of this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.
15 * ======================================================================
16 */
18#ifdef __cplusplus
19extern "C" {
23typedef struct VideoObjRec VideoObj;
25VideoObj *VideoInit ();
26int VideoCleanup (VideoObj *vidPtr);
27int VideoOpenFile (VideoObj *vidPtr,
28    const char *fileName, const char *mode);
29int VideoGetImage (VideoObj *vidPtr,
30    int width, int height, void **img, int *bufSize);
31int VideoGetPositionCur (VideoObj *vidPtr, int *pos);
32int VideoGetPositionEnd (VideoObj *vidPtr, int *pos);
33int VideoFrameRate (VideoObj *vidPtr, double *fr);
34int VideoFileName (VideoObj *vidPtr, const char **fname);
35int VideoPixelAspectRatio (VideoObj *vidPtr, int *num, int *den);
36int VideoDisplayAspectRatio (VideoObj *vidPtr, int *num, int *den);
37// static int VideoPut (ClientData clientData,
38//     Tcl_Interp  *interp, int argc, CONST84 char *argv[]);
39int VideoGoNext (VideoObj *vidPtr);
40int VideoGoPlusMinusN (VideoObj *vidPtr, int n);
41int VideoGoToN (VideoObj *vidPtr, int n);
42int VideoSize (VideoObj *vidPtr, int *width, int *height);
43int VideoClose (VideoObj *vidPtr);
45#ifdef __cplusplus
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