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added initial version of octave language bindings.
1) no claiming language bindings work, but will happily take credit if they do.
2) bindings are untested
3) bindings happen to work with mystery example that happens to be located in examples/app-fermi/matlab/fermi_rp.m and happens to be invokable with examples/app-fermi/matlab/tool_rp.xml
4) bindings need octave2.1-headers installed (in debian: apt-get install octave2.1-headers) to get the mkoctfile program
5) binding function names might be changing to be more discriptive and more tightly bound to either the lib or units module.
6) adjusted Makefile to add octave bindings compilation.

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1#! /bin/sh
3rp_incls='-I../../include/octave/ -I/opt/rappture/include/core/ -I/opt/rappture/include/'
4rp_lib='-L/opt/rappture/lib/ -lrappture'
7mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
8mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
9mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
10mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
11mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
12mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
13mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
14mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
15mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
16mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
17mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
18mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
19mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
20mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
21mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
22mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
23mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
24mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
25mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
26mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
27mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
28mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
29mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
30mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
31mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
32mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
33mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
34mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
35mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
36mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
37mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
38mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
39mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
40mkoctfile $rp_incls $rp_lib
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