Jun 27, 2013 2:39:28 PM (11 years ago)

Release 1.3:

Adds back string trim to both the Tcl library "get" command and the
scew XML reader. This probably will break something (maybe a
program that needs a trailing new file).

Fixes the date stamp put in the run file. This was broken
when the run file generated name was extended to greater than
1 second resolution (needed for things like rerun).

Added "bar" are a style "-type" for curves (like scatter). You
can now have barcharts. You can now mix barcharts with line
graphs and scatter plots. There's also a "-barwidth" style
option to control how wide the bars are (default is 1.0).

Took out the custom axis scaling code to let the BLT graph widget
handle scaling. This was prompted by the addition of barcharts.
The custom code doesn't take into consideration the width of the
bars, so they get clipped on the edges.

A temporary vtkglyphviewer widget has been added. This is display
vector fields (quiver plots, arrow plots, etc.). It's temporary
because this some be folded back into the generic vtkviewer widget.
All type of plots (streamlines, molecules, contours, isosurfaces,
etc) should be refactored back into a generic viewer.


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