Jul 29, 2006 11:07:47 PM (16 years ago)

added checks to configure.in to find where python and perl live,
added .in files for python and perl build files
configure now builds perl/Makefile.PL and python/setup.py and fits
it with the correct values needed to build and install the module
in the correct directory, where it will live in the rappture distribution.
there had been talk of using env variables to point python and perl
to where these modules live, so that is the current line of thinking.
added queue module for python. the Rappture.queue module's purpose
is to make it easy to send a job to the pbs and condor queues and
track the job using rappture. pbs is kinda complete, condor is not
complete and is still being worked on. the signalHandler and tools
python modules came from left over code that all python rappture
applications might want to include to make the developers life
a little more enjoyable.

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