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(edit) @3177   10 years mmc Updated all of the copyright notices to reference the transfer to the …
(edit) @2549   11 years gah
(edit) @2289   11 years ldelgass Fix memory leak of file data
(edit) @2104   12 years gah
(edit) @2071   12 years gah
(edit) @1944   12 years gah add unit cell to molvisviewer
(edit) @1688   13 years gah Fix Makefile to install instead of
(edit) @1659   13 years dkearney Rp_TableColumnStore needs to specify what kind of data to store.
(edit) @1656   13 years dkearney removing references to rappture tables, rappture will automagically …
(edit) @1655   13 years dkearney examples of using a view in tcl and c, update tcl and c view apis
(edit) @1645   13 years dkearney adding api for view, updating tcl app-fermi object example with view …
(edit) @1623   13 years dkearney updating objects tcl bindings example
(edit) @1620   13 years dkearney rewriting some language bindings examples to incorporate feedback from …
(edit) @1619   13 years dkearney updating python objects api with example code, fixes for tcl objects api
(edit) @1615   13 years dkearney clean up on example programs for new bindings
(edit) @1610   13 years dkearney updates and adding example code to python and tcl apis
(edit) @1586   13 years dkearney updating potential apis for c cpp and python. adding random() and …
(edit) @1581   13 years dkearney updates for the rappture objects, object examples, and object apis. …
(edit) @1569   13 years dkearney adding configure/dump functions to plot object, creating simple test …
(edit) @1568   13 years dkearney adding dump/configure interface to curve object, plot object is broken
(edit) @1566   13 years dkearney updates to Rappture::Library and Rappture::Number objects to demo how …
(edit) @1561   13 years dkearney remove dxReader and dxWriter from makefile because its not ready yet
(edit) @1560   13 years dkearney updates to the object system, fixed up tree and xml parser objects, …
(edit) @1542   13 years dkearney another possible example for accessing input data
(edit) @1541   13 years dkearney example program using objects, just ideas, does not work yet.
(edit) @1528   13 years dkearney updating the objects code and adding some more examples describing how …
(edit) @1397   14 years dkearney fixing compiler warnings
(edit) @1386   14 years dkearney adding a few object prototypes we can play with for future …
(edit) @1100   14 years gah assorted lang fixes
(edit) @1099   14 years gah yet another fix for perl language binding
(edit) @1065   14 years dkearney changed float buffer example to really buffer floats. changed dxWrite …
(add) @1064   14 years dkearney adding some example of using the buffer and dx writer objects.
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