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(edit) @4344   8 years ldelgass Add VTK surface viewer for viewing colormapped surfaces from any field.
(edit) @4343   8 years ldelgass Camera setting fixes
(edit) @4342   8 years ldelgass Fix background,isolinecolor settings
(edit) @4338   8 years ldelgass Fix setting scale mode drop-down
(edit) @4337   8 years ldelgass Can't use variable inside curly braces
(edit) @4336   8 years ldelgass Add method to VisViewer? to get list of pre-defined colormap names. …
(edit) @4334   8 years ldelgass Add zoom in to button 1 double click go binding. Add button 3 double …
(edit) @4331   8 years ldelgass OK, the render wasn't needed (wasn't the right command anyway), just …
(edit) @4330   8 years ldelgass Fix up camera reset. Since we still reset with a default base layer, …
(edit) @4329   8 years ldelgass Partial fix for resets: need to set _reset in Connect, otherwise …
(edit) @4326   8 years ldelgass Add check for zero delta for pan/zoom
(edit) @4325   8 years ldelgass Suppress pan commands when pan amount is zero.
(edit) @4324   8 years ldelgass Client button 1 double click binding for viewpoint change
(edit) @4321   8 years ldelgass Renamed 'dataset coords' response to 'map coords', handle invalid …
(edit) @4318   9 years ldelgass Add grid (graticule) toggle, add buttons to get/set camera for testing
(edit) @4314   9 years ldelgass Cleanout old camera code from mapviewer widget and add code to get/set …
(edit) @4311   9 years ldelgass Disable conflicting arrow key bindings (for now), since the …
(edit) @4309   9 years ldelgass Add driver option to map layer add image|elevation
(edit) @4304   9 years ldelgass Turn off sending an earth file by default
(edit) @4303   9 years ldelgass Map fixes: rename "raster" layer type to "image". Add "label" layer …
(edit) @4302   9 years ldelgass sort entries to match 1.3 branch
(edit) @4301   9 years ldelgass indentation
(edit) @4300   9 years gah add earth file support for initial map load
(edit) @4298   9 years ldelgass More opacity fixes
(edit) @4296   9 years ldelgass remove unused methods
(edit) @4295   9 years ldelgass fix opacity setting
(edit) @4294   9 years ldelgass Some work on map and layer styles (not complete)
(edit) @4292   9 years ldelgass layers method returns keys/ids not labels/titles
(edit) @4291   9 years ldelgass Store for global map view settings (wireframe, lighting, …
(edit) @4290   9 years ldelgass Validate that map extents always require a projection to be specified
(edit) @4288   9 years gah merge changes in map.tcl mapviewer.tcl for elevation, extents, etc.
(edit) @4287   9 years ldelgass Add option to toggle camera throw
(edit) @4286   9 years ldelgass Fix range of vertical scale slider, quote projection string between …
(edit) @4283   9 years ldelgass terrain options apply to all layers
(edit) @4281   9 years ldelgass remove debug print
(edit) @4280   9 years ldelgass Fixes for map parser: layer/map type arrays weren't initialized …
(edit) @4279   9 years gah add back terrain styles in SetObjectStyle?
(edit) @4278   9 years gah add flags to turn on/off motion event compression
(edit) @4277   9 years ldelgass Add menu options to reset map
(edit) @4276   9 years gah fix: race condition in _layout, finalize called when widgets deleted
(edit) @4275   9 years gah allow map type to default to projected
(edit) @4272   9 years ldelgass Fix for extents (should be 4 args, not a list)
(edit) @4271   9 years ldelgass Add method to get map projection, initialize map type on first map dataobj.
(edit) @4270   9 years ldelgass Add map type: geocentric or projected (default)
(edit) @4269   9 years ldelgass Make mapviewer-test executable
(edit) @4268   9 years ldelgass Rename getoviewer-test to mapviewer-test
(edit) @4267   9 years ldelgass Remove geoviewer, update test to use mapviewer
(edit) @4266   9 years ldelgass Update mapviewer with geoviewer changes
(edit) @4265   9 years ldelgass Add elevation map layer type
(edit) @4264   9 years ldelgass Replace polydata references with terrain. Haven't implemented …
(edit) @4263   9 years ldelgass Update geoviewer from mapviewer
(edit) @4261   9 years gah initial map object
(edit) @4259   9 years ldelgass Add support for 1D meshes
(edit) @4257   9 years ldelgass Add flag for allowing volume viewer to use multiple component fields
(edit) @4251   9 years ldelgass Merge change from (part of) r4203 on 1.3 branch
(edit) @4250   9 years ldelgass Add style settings for mesh viewer
(edit) @4248   9 years gah band-aid for data strings that are also ill-formed lists '}.'
(edit) @4240   9 years ldelgass fix z cutplane control
(edit) @4214   9 years mmc Fix for ticket #266315, which occurred when you simulate two results, …
(edit) @4212   9 years ldelgass More fixes for VTK build settings
(edit) @4211   9 years ldelgass More fixes for VTK features. Note that DxToVtk? and PdbToVtk? do not …
(edit) @4210   9 years ldelgass DxToVtk? and PdbToVtk? don't depend on VTK (currently).
(edit) @4209   9 years mmc Added some useful widgets: 1) Rappture::listbox, which is like the …
(edit) @4207   9 years gah add bogus xErrorValues and yErrorValues methods
(edit) @4202   9 years gah bug fix: markers not created in xyresult (wrong class name)
(edit) @4200   9 years ldelgass First pass at adding more view settings to glyph viewer
(edit) @4199   9 years ldelgass Fixes for axis label/units with spaces
(edit) @4198   9 years ldelgass Remove unused event, fixes for drawing(3d) styles
(edit) @4197   9 years ldelgass Add "default" to colormap dropdown: needed for user-specified -color …
(edit) @4196   9 years ldelgass sort settings
(edit) @4195   9 years ldelgass Fix for inital view settings in nanovis viewer
(edit) @4194   9 years ldelgass VTK volume viewer fixes. Still needs work for multiple components vs. …
(edit) @4193   9 years ldelgass volume doesn't have edges/wireframe
(edit) @4192   9 years gah bug fix: handle -color in <style>
(edit) @4191   9 years ldelgass Clean up some cruft from removal of "transp" setting. Note that …
(edit) @4190   9 years ldelgass Apply -normscale -gscale settings
(edit) @4189   9 years ldelgass Ensure z limits are always filled, even for 2D meshes
(edit) @4188   9 years gah change names of options to begin with minus. To follows the use of …
(edit) @4185   9 years ldelgass Fix arg name to match usage
(edit) @4184   9 years ldelgass Allow zero isosurfaces, so tools can set "-levels 0" and turn on …
(edit) @4183   9 years ldelgass Fix for vtkvolume tester: prevent infinite loop
(edit) @4181   9 years gah add loader label to be diffed, execout(error) may not exist is no stderr
(edit) @4178   9 years ldelgass Remove old client-side VTK contour viewer
(edit) @4177   9 years ldelgass Remove obsolete/unused function
(edit) @4176   9 years gah typos
(edit) @4175   9 years ldelgass Remove unused style settings left over from streamline viewer
(edit) @4170   9 years ldelgass Add missing namespace
(edit) @4169   9 years ldelgass Collapse Field2DResult and Field3DResult into FieldResult? and rely on …
(edit) @4168   9 years ldelgass VisViewer::SendBytes? is not re-entrant safe: it will clobber the …
(edit) @4166   9 years ldelgass More transfer function fixes: Fix moving markers in flowvisviewer (was …
(edit) @4165   9 years ldelgass Fixes for legend background color in flowvisviewer. Still has bugs …
(edit) @4163   9 years ldelgass bgcolor fixes for nanovis clients
(edit) @4162   9 years ldelgass Fix nanovis test script environment
(edit) @4151   9 years ldelgass Add style options to vtk glyph viewer for e.g. setting shape for …
(edit) @4147   9 years ldelgass Fix test scripts to use installed rappture environment
(edit) @4146   9 years gah revert to last version: remove changes for new build system for rappture
(edit) @4144   9 years gah initial changes for new build system for rappture
(edit) @4142   9 years ldelgass Remove debugging prints
(edit) @4140   9 years ldelgass Support mesh axis labels (with 'labels' tag), units, and use 'color' …
(edit) @4138   9 years ldelgass Send Rappture::Mesh results (i.e. with hide set to no) to …
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