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(edit) @3831   8 years clarksm Patch to prevent exit when getCommandOutput is used in a thread. …
(edit) @3643   8 years clarksm Make allowance for treatment of unicode strings created by the rapp module
(edit) @3638   8 years gah fix ruby getstring for binary strings
(edit) @3184   9 years clarksm Do a better job when command is given as string. Eliminating the …
(edit) @3177   9 years mmc Updated all of the copyright notices to reference the transfer to the …
(edit) @3170   9 years dkearney updates from steve to Rappture's python language
(edit) @3128   9 years gah
(edit) @3127   9 years gah
(edit) @3119   9 years gah handle objects with empty datasets
(edit) @3117   9 years gah
(edit) @3115   9 years gah
(edit) @3114   9 years gah
(edit) @3113   9 years gah Made "install" target depend on "all". Changed argument progress' …
(edit) @2926   10 years dkearney adding updated getOutputCommand function in which now uses …
(edit) @1708   12 years dkearney changing python bindings call Rappture.result(lib) to be a call to …
(edit) @1694   12 years dkearney spacing, tabs, blahh
(edit) @1527   12 years dkearney various code cleanups, mainly tabs. adding units ohms and amps, adding …
(edit) @1427   12 years dkearney adding tesla, gauss, weber and maxwell magnetic field units. noticed …
(edit) @1384   13 years gah
(edit) @1368   13 years gah Reflect library encode/decode changes
(edit) @1326   13 years gah Cast away warnings from usage of constant strings
(edit) @1088   13 years dkearney fixing python encode/decode function documentation
(edit) @1039   13 years dkearney updated python bindings library module to compile with python2.4 as …
(edit) @1034   13 years gah added workaround for python 2.3
(edit) @1025   13 years gah want Py_ssize_t instead of int
(copy) @1018   13 years gah Massive changes: New directory/file layout
copied from trunk/python/Rappture:
(edit) @962   14 years dkearney code cleanups. adjusted gague.tcl to check the length of the string it …
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