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(edit) @1707   12 years dkearney adding temp fix for how we format filenames. the changes will provide …
(edit) @1618   13 years gah
(edit) @1614   13 years dkearney tabs
(edit) @1578   13 years mmc Changed the new Rappture::split command to Rappture::slice. George …
(edit) @1577   13 years mmc Oops! Shouldn't have committed this change adding tuples.tcl. Not …
(edit) @1576   13 years mmc Added handy Rappture::split command, which works a little better than …
(edit) @1427   13 years dkearney adding tesla, gauss, weber and maxwell magnetic field units. noticed …
(edit) @1415   13 years gah
(edit) @1414   13 years dkearney reverting the !isBinary() function back to using if checks. we can …
(edit) @1412   13 years gah
(edit) @1409   13 years gah Fix encoding Tcl interface and tests.
(edit) @1404   13 years gah
(edit) @1403   13 years gah Fix for no sysinfo on OSX
(edit) @1388   13 years gah
(edit) @1384   13 years gah
(edit) @1383   13 years gah add switch parser to encoding routines
(edit) @1382   13 years gah fixed encoding problems
(edit) @1379   13 years gah Check for empty strings before encoding/decoding
(edit) @1368   14 years gah Reflect library encode/decode changes
(edit) @1328   14 years gah added missing assert.h headers
(edit) @1327   14 years gah Add stddef include for offsetof macro
(edit) @1326   14 years gah Cast away warnings from usage of constant strings
(edit) @1286   14 years dkearney removing file size limits, hubs invoke their own account quotas
(edit) @1264   14 years dkearney fixing rp library's get() function for retrieving encoded data. if the …
(edit) @1257   14 years mmc Added a new Rappture::sysinfo command for querying system load …
(edit) @1157   14 years dkearney fix test case to include bohrs
(edit) @1151   14 years dkearney adding BLT to the required packages for rappture to load nanomos (and …
(edit) @1142   14 years gah
(edit) @1111   14 years gah nanovis/heightmap update
(edit) @1090   14 years gah various fixes
(edit) @1082   14 years gah update makefile with mkdir_p
(edit) @1044   14 years gah fixes of MacOSX build
(edit) @1042   14 years mmc Fixed the Rappture::encoding::encode and decode operations to honor …
(edit) @1041   14 years gah hide scew from external rappture interface
(edit) @1040   14 years gah moved b64 library to rappture core
(edit) @1037   14 years gah add version to Tcl library spec
(edit) @1029   14 years gah more Makefile fixups
(copy) @1018   14 years gah Massive changes: New directory/file layout
copied from trunk/src/tcl:
(edit) @951   15 years gah added datarootdir to
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