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(edit) @3630   8 years ldelgass Nanovis refactoring to fix problems with scaling and multiple results. …
(edit) @3612   8 years ldelgass Remove Nv prefix from shader classes now that they are in nv namespace.
(edit) @3611   8 years ldelgass Use nv namespace for classes in nanovis rather than prefixing class …
(edit) @3597   8 years ldelgass More refactoring in nanovis flows: Rename FlowCmd? to Flow and move to …
(edit) @3502   8 years ldelgass Add basic VTK structured points reader to nanovis, update copyright dates.
(edit) @3497   8 years ldelgass Rename display() -> render() in nanovis
(edit) @3492   8 years ldelgass Fix camera reset for nanovis. Includes refactoring of vector/matrix …
(edit) @3465   8 years ldelgass Rename R2 library to nv::graphics and nv::util.
(edit) @3463   8 years ldelgass Begin process of renaming R2 library
(edit) @3362   8 years ldelgass Merge nanovis2 branch to trunk
(edit) @2956   9 years ldelgass First batch of converting shaders to use new parameter support in NvShader?.
(edit) @2953   9 years ldelgass Remove unused global origin, make default transfer function a bit more …
(edit) @2927   9 years ldelgass Style fixes and GL state leak fixes in HeightMap?
(edit) @2877   9 years ldelgass Some minor refactoring, also add some more fine grained config.h …
(edit) @2870   9 years ldelgass remove global.h header. Move global Cg context handle into NvShader?
(edit) @2831   9 years ldelgass Refactor texture classes, misc. cleanups, cut down on header pollution …
(edit) @2798   9 years ldelgass Add emacs mode magic line in preparation for indentation cleanup
(edit) @2096   10 years ldelgass Normalize line endings, set eol-style to native on *.cpp, *.h files
(edit) @1984   10 years gah Clean up debugging/printing traces
(edit) @1546   11 years gah add transparency to heightmap
(edit) @1493   11 years gah Changed vector id to name
(edit) @1188   12 years vrinside
(edit) @1112   12 years gah fixes for xyresult/heightmapviewer
(edit) @1111   12 years gah nanovis/heightmap update
(copy) @1018   12 years gah Massive changes: New directory/file layout
copied from trunk/vizservers/nanovis/HeightMap.h:
(edit) @1000   13 years vrinside
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