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(edit) @3567   8 years ldelgass Refactor and cleanups in nanovis, mainly to switch to using STL hash …
(edit) @3563   8 years ldelgass Remove vestigal FFMPEG include/lib defines and the Makefile rule for …
(edit) @3559   8 years gah - Clean up unused variable warnings. - Remove use of ffmpeg libraries …
(edit) @3502   8 years ldelgass Add basic VTK structured points reader to nanovis, update copyright dates.
(edit) @3493   8 years ldelgass A couple minor cleanups
(edit) @3492   8 years ldelgass Fix camera reset for nanovis. Includes refactoring of vector/matrix …
(edit) @3474   8 years ldelgass Add trace option to nanovis Makefile (a la vtkvis) and remove the …
(edit) @3473   8 years ldelgass clean docs in distclean
(edit) @3465   8 years ldelgass Rename R2 library to nv::graphics and nv::util.
(edit) @3453   8 years ldelgass Remove unused Event logging, move init/exit service routines to nanovis.cpp
(edit) @3436   8 years ldelgass Add docs make target for nanovis
(edit) @3403   8 years gah make STATSDIR configurable
(edit) @3378   8 years gah fixes for new stats file
(edit) @3377   8 years gah rework of stats log file.
(edit) @3362   8 years ldelgass Merge nanovis2 branch to trunk
(edit) @2974   9 years ldelgass Remove unused volume axis/bbox labeling from VolumeRenderer?. This …
(edit) @2972   9 years ldelgass Remove vrutil library. Was only used for FilePath? that already exists …
(edit) @2967   9 years ldelgass Convert NvLIC to use new NvShader? parameter API. Also fixes for LIC …
(edit) @2964   9 years ldelgass Convert arrow glyph shaders to new NvShader? API. Fix velocity arrow …
(edit) @2951   9 years ldelgass Remove unused FlowVisRenderer? from build. Remove some unused globals …
(edit) @2949   9 years ldelgass Remove unused default transfer function data (default is now created …
(edit) @2932   9 years ldelgass Fix a couple more GL state leaks, AxisRange? method rename
(edit) @2891   9 years ldelgass Don't install unused shaders
(edit) @2888   9 years ldelgass Add some header deps
(edit) @2870   9 years ldelgass remove global.h header. Move global Cg context handle into NvShader?
(edit) @2863   9 years ldelgass Use NvColorTableShader? in PlaneRenderer?, remove cg context param from …
(edit) @2862   9 years ldelgass Move extern declarations for DataLoader? functions to a header, remove …
(edit) @2857   9 years ldelgass Remove vr3d library - texture classes were redundant. Remove last …
(edit) @2846   9 years ldelgass Move declarations of dx volume loading functions to separate headers, …
(edit) @2841   9 years ldelgass Misc. cleanups. Make libs look in nanovis src dir for includes, so …
(edit) @2837   9 years ldelgass More misc. cleanups
(edit) @2835   9 years ldelgass Exclude unused file from build, misc. cleanups
(edit) @2829   9 years ldelgass Fix build for when Cg is intalled in /usr
(edit) @2822   9 years ldelgass Const correctness fixes, pass vector/matrix objects by reference, …
(edit) @2820   9 years ldelgass Move functions to sample a set of control points to TransferFunction?
(edit) @2819   9 years ldelgass Remove empty/unused NvLoadFile?
(edit) @2799   9 years ldelgass Remove empty header
(edit) @2666   9 years gah
(edit) @2648   9 years gah make opendx library optional
(edit) @2438   10 years ldelgass Fix rules to build dxReader2.o, RpDX.o, RpAVTranslate.o to only …
(edit) @2435   10 years ldelgass cleanups for nanovis Makefile
(edit) @2406   10 years gah
(edit) @2104   10 years gah
(edit) @2093   10 years gah
(edit) @2090   10 years gah
(edit) @2088   10 years gah fixes for vtkviewer widget
(edit) @2041   10 years ldelgass Fix typo in image resources path
(edit) @2036   10 years gah Added -lGLU to nanovis build
(edit) @1899   11 years gah re-merge with latest branches/blt4 changes
(edit) @1703   11 years vrinside
(edit) @1571   11 years gah Fixups for bit rot: gcc-4.4.1
(edit) @1489   12 years vrinside working on 2d slice view for flow visualization (problem with loading …
(edit) @1484   12 years vrinside added 2d arrows (arrow tip will be added)
(edit) @1433   12 years dkearney removing unused object files
(edit) @1429   12 years gah Initial commit of new flow visualization command structure
(edit) @1392   12 years gah added jpg image download to xyresult
(edit) @1380   12 years gah
(edit) @1374   12 years gah
(edit) @1369   12 years vrinside add new files
(edit) @1359   12 years gah preparation to remove glui from build
(edit) @1358   12 years gah temporarily add glui to build
(edit) @1351   12 years gah my first cut at flowvisviewer client based on work by dsk
(edit) @1310   12 years gah Fixes for flow commands
(edit) @1309   12 years gah
(edit) @1282   12 years dkearney adding jwire test script adding Rappture AVTranslate object as a way …
(edit) @1278   12 years gah vizservers/pymolproxy/pymolproxy.c Added atomscale and projection …
(edit) @1228   12 years gah Fixes for parallel makes
(edit) @1120   13 years gah
(edit) @1115   13 years gah
(edit) @1114   13 years gah
(edit) @1082   13 years gah update makefile with mkdir_p
(edit) @1040   13 years gah moved b64 library to rappture core
(edit) @1029   13 years gah more Makefile fixups
(edit) @1028   13 years gah various cleanups
(copy) @1018   13 years gah Massive changes: New directory/file layout
copied from trunk/vizservers/nanovis/
(edit) @951   13 years gah added datarootdir to
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