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(edit) @3463   7 years ldelgass Begin process of renaming R2 library
(edit) @3452   7 years ldelgass Remove XINETD define from nanovis. We only support server mode now, …
(edit) @3377   7 years gah rework of stats log file.
(edit) @3376   7 years gah new version of stats file handling without file locking
(edit) @3362   7 years ldelgass Merge nanovis2 branch to trunk
(edit) @3330   7 years gah merge (by hand) with Rappture1.2 branch
(edit) @3177   7 years mmc Updated all of the copyright notices to reference the transfer to the …
(edit) @2953   8 years ldelgass Remove unused global origin, make default transfer function a bit more …
(edit) @2951   8 years ldelgass Remove unused FlowVisRenderer? from build. Remove some unused globals …
(edit) @2930   8 years ldelgass Rename offscreenBufferCapture to bindOffscreenBuffer. Fix more GL …
(edit) @2877   8 years ldelgass Some minor refactoring, also add some more fine grained config.h …
(edit) @2870   8 years ldelgass remove global.h header. Move global Cg context handle into NvShader?
(edit) @2847   8 years ldelgass Move a few defines used exclusively by lic renderer to implementation …
(edit) @2846   8 years ldelgass Move declarations of dx volume loading functions to separate headers, …
(edit) @2836   8 years ldelgass More cleanups, remove NEW_FLOW_ENGINE define flag
(edit) @2835   8 years ldelgass Exclude unused file from build, misc. cleanups
(edit) @2834   8 years ldelgass Don't create array of planes unless PLANE_CMD is defined. Use a …
(edit) @2831   8 years ldelgass Refactor texture classes, misc. cleanups, cut down on header pollution …
(edit) @2822   8 years ldelgass Const correctness fixes, pass vector/matrix objects by reference, …
(edit) @2818   8 years ldelgass Fix spelling of some identifiers, formatting fixes
(edit) @2801   8 years ldelgass Another namespace fix: use std::vector in header
(edit) @2798   8 years ldelgass Add emacs mode magic line in preparation for indentation cleanup
(edit) @2795   8 years ldelgass Remove nanovis.h dependency on socket/Socket.h, get readv/writev from …
(edit) @2381   8 years gah
(edit) @2096   9 years ldelgass Normalize line endings, set eol-style to native on *.cpp, *.h files
(edit) @1544   10 years gah
(edit) @1515   10 years gah
(edit) @1510   10 years gah Found memory leak in reset_patterns
(edit) @1508   10 years gah
(edit) @1493   10 years gah Changed vector id to name
(edit) @1484   10 years vrinside added 2d arrows (arrow tip will be added)
(edit) @1478   10 years gah Fix volume management routines to handle deletion
(edit) @1475   10 years vrinside mofified a way of dealing with volumes by adding reference counts to …
(edit) @1431   11 years gah fixup new flow visualization command structure
(edit) @1429   11 years gah Initial commit of new flow visualization command structure
(edit) @1370   11 years vrinside improving the flow vis engine - particle advection for multiple vector …
(edit) @1310   11 years gah Fixes for flow commands
(edit) @1299   11 years vrinside modified lic
(edit) @1295   11 years dkearney adding flowvisviewer widget and flowvis-test program for exercising …
(edit) @1238   11 years gah
(edit) @1215   11 years gah changes to allow panning and zooming (via scrollwhell)
(edit) @1194   11 years gah
(edit) @1182   11 years gah
(edit) @1161   11 years gah added stats counters
(edit) @1156   11 years vrinside added new function calls for the 2d-contour lines of heightmaps
(edit) @1111   11 years gah nanovis/heightmap update
(edit) @1053   11 years gah fixes to make compile under gcc-4.3
(edit) @1028   11 years gah various cleanups
(copy) @1018   11 years gah Massive changes: New directory/file layout
copied from trunk/vizservers/nanovis/nanovis.h:
(edit) @973   12 years gah
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