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(edit) @5673   8 years ldelgass Fix line endings, set eol-style to native on all C/C++ sources.
(edit) @3362   10 years ldelgass Merge nanovis2 branch to trunk
(edit) @3177   11 years mmc Updated all of the copyright notices to reference the transfer to the …
(edit) @2934   11 years ldelgass Fix boundary sampling precision issue in MeshTri2D -- fixes sampling …
(edit) @2933   11 years ldelgass Initialize value min/max in FieldPrism3D. Fixes improper ranges being …
(edit) @2869   11 years ldelgass Fix up another boundary case in Mesh1D. If binary search lands on …
(edit) @2868   11 years ldelgass Fix (re)sampling fields at maximum bounds -- Mesh1D wasn't considering …
(edit) @2867   11 years ldelgass Fix FieldRect3D and FieldTri2D define methods, which had an off-by-one …
(edit) @2199   12 years gah
(edit) @2198   12 years gah fixes for vizservers build on render servers
(edit) @1944   13 years gah add unit cell to molvisviewer
(edit) @1887   13 years dkearney adding -fPIC because my x86_64 builds were complaining about …
(edit) @1328   14 years gah added missing assert.h headers
(edit) @1082   15 years gah update makefile with mkdir_p
(edit) @1055   15 years gah
(edit) @1054   15 years gah add rappture2.h to install
(edit) @1040   15 years gah moved b64 library to rappture core
(edit) @1032   15 years gah
(edit) @1031   15 years gah more 1.1 fixes
(copy) @1018   15 years gah Massive changes: New directory/file layout
copied from trunk/src2/core:
(edit) @1016   15 years gah
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