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(edit) @915   15 years gah more clean up
(edit) @913   15 years gah created R2 and newmat11 libraries
(edit) @911   15 years gah turned on ISO_TEST
(edit) @906   15 years kostmo preliminary automation of movie generation
(edit) @902   15 years kostmo extended bmp_write_to_file()
(edit) @900   15 years vrinside Finish volume interpolator…
(edit) @895   15 years vrinside Added isosurface test code. (this should be removed later)
(edit) @889   15 years gah
(edit) @888   15 years gah
(edit) @887   15 years gah
(edit) @886   15 years gah added changes for expermental opendx reader
(edit) @884   15 years vrinside Adding Volume animation
(edit) @883   15 years vrinside Put Sobel operation for computing normal
(edit) @882   15 years dkearney adding an "in development" version of a new dx reader using libDX* and …
(edit) @881   15 years dkearney moving nanovis' camera object to nvcamera in preparation for a new dx …
(edit) @877   15 years gah isosurface protocol changes
(edit) @871   15 years vrinside made volume renderer generate more slices for iso-surface rendering …
(edit) @870   15 years vrinside :q
(edit) @869   15 years gah dx reader spins on bad data
(edit) @868   15 years gah Fix GetDataStream? (remove extra NUL byte)
(edit) @867   15 years gah Fix DX breakage
(edit) @866   15 years vrinside Put isosurface command
(edit) @865   15 years gah general cleanup
(edit) @862   15 years gah
(edit) @861   15 years kostmo Added animation routine to FlowCmd?
(edit) @860   15 years vrinside Put flow protocol. It still needs to implement some function for lic …
(edit) @854   15 years vrinside Fixed glPushMatrix/glPopMatrix calls
(edit) @851   15 years vrinside Got particle system and LIC (Line integral convolution) run.
(edit) @850   15 years vrinside Activated Particle System.
(edit) @849   15 years vrinside define some functions as inline
(edit) @848   15 years vrinside Removed global variables Trace function is added Removed compile …
(edit) @847   15 years gah fix for nanovis infinite loop with bad DX data
(edit) @846   15 years vrinside Removed compile warnings
(edit) @840   15 years gah changes for surface plot
(edit) @838   15 years vrinside Put rendering modes such as toggling wireframe, toggling culling mode. …
(edit) @837   15 years vrinside Modified scaling grids and heightmaps in order to match the grid and …
(edit) @835   15 years gah More clean up. Added dxReader.cpp
(edit) @834   15 years gah Changes for heightmap viewer
(edit) @831   15 years vrinside put an index for its point primitive set
(edit) @830   15 years vrinside Make it keep original color data in order to apply it to point …
(edit) @829   15 years vrinside Moved all the functions related to TCL to Command.cpp
(edit) @828   15 years vrinside Add interpolation functions for compute values between two values with …
(edit) @827   15 years vrinside Added color blending with point sprite texture
(edit) @826   15 years vrinside Add PointSet?.o
(edit) @825   15 years vrinside Image Loader initialization - Add BMP loader in Nv.cpp Point Renderer …
(edit) @824   15 years vrinside Removed a unnecessary file.
(edit) @823   15 years vrinside Image Loaders - BMP (Currently BMP loader was implmented) For …
(edit) @821   15 years vrinside added Point rendering for volume data
(edit) @820   15 years vrinside NaN values in a data set is taken into account.
(edit) @819   15 years vrinside Added several member functions
(edit) @810   15 years vrinside -> modified ambient value 0.8 to 0.2 nanovis.cpp -> add …
(edit) @806   15 years vrinside Add a macro for dubugging
(edit) @804   15 years vrinside
(edit) @803   15 years vrinside
(edit) @802   15 years vrinside Fixed double memory deletion
(edit) @801   15 years vrinside Modified a routine for compute texture coordinate. Data decompose …
(edit) @800   15 years vrinside Add data loader for newly defined zinc blende structure
(edit) @799   15 years vrinside remove a statement 'using namespace std;' in order to avoid a conflict …
(edit) @780   16 years vrinside Add changing the color of linecontour
(edit) @779   16 years vrinside modified controlling visibility of linecontour of heightmap
(edit) @778   16 years vrinside modified axis and grid visible command
(edit) @777   16 years vrinside modified creation of zincblende volume
(edit) @776   16 years vrinside Add 3D surface plot and grid rendering
(edit) @755   16 years dkearney added -p option to nanovis so we can add paths in a colon separated …
(edit) @752   16 years dkearney added use of RPENC_HDR flag in decode function so users can give the …
(edit) @750   16 years dkearney added distclean targets
(copy) @749   16 years dkearney moved vizservers directory to top level. added configure/makefiles to …
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(edit) @720   16 years nkissebe ignore SIGPIPE signals (which would occur if nanoscale terminated)
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