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(edit) @3502   9 years ldelgass Add basic VTK structured points reader to nanovis, update copyright dates.
(edit) @3501   9 years mmc Created a new "rptimes" script that ingests run.xml files and creates …
(edit) @3500   9 years ldelgass Alert user if isosurface is requested for non-3D data set.
(edit) @3499   9 years ldelgass Add workaround for vtkAssembly bug in Cutplane (should allow using …
(edit) @3498   9 years ldelgass Delay Rebuild until window size larger than 1x1 - copying this code …
(edit) @3497   9 years ldelgass Rename display() -> render() in nanovis
(edit) @3496   9 years ldelgass Fix compiler warning
(edit) @3495   9 years ldelgass Fix initializer order in Contour3D
(edit) @3494   9 years ldelgass Remove last uses of float Matrix4x4 class from vrmath library
(edit) @3493   9 years ldelgass A couple minor cleanups
(edit) @3492   9 years ldelgass Fix camera reset for nanovis. Includes refactoring of vector/matrix …
(edit) @3491   9 years ldelgass Field script requires VTK
(edit) @3490   9 years ldelgass Bring contour2d/3d code in vtkvis more in line with heightmap, make …
(edit) @3489   9 years gah fix deprecated cloud to be backward compatible
(edit) @3488   9 years ldelgass Add protocol to vtkvis for contour2d/3d num contours, contour list
(edit) @3487   9 years ldelgass Remove units from each point coordinate in 3D test
(edit) @3486   9 years ldelgass Set axis label format to %g in isosurface viewer
(edit) @3485   9 years ldelgass Remove euler angle support from nanovis clients, also prep. camera …
(edit) @3484   9 years ldelgass Update flow example to use quaternion to configure initial camera angle
(edit) @3483   9 years gah update example for meshes
(edit) @3482   9 years ldelgass whitespace cleanup
(edit) @3481   9 years gah fix flowvis 2D example. v limit not set for unirect2d in field object
(edit) @3480   9 years gah change private method names in mesh object
(edit) @3479   9 years ldelgass Update custom axes to VTK 6 versions, use local customized classes …
(edit) @3478   9 years ldelgass Add background color protocol command to nanovis, also change resize …
(edit) @3477   9 years ldelgass Add debug console binding to flowvisviewer
(edit) @3476   9 years ldelgass Restore missing newline to data response command, deleted by mistake …
(edit) @3475   9 years gah new mesh changes (version 1,999,999), untested quads, tetrahedrons, …
(edit) @3474   9 years ldelgass Add trace option to nanovis Makefile (a la vtkvis) and remove the …
(edit) @3473   9 years ldelgass clean docs in distclean
(edit) @3472   9 years ldelgass update configure
(edit) @3471   9 years ldelgass Makefile fixes: make 'install' target always depend on 'all' target. …
(edit) @3470   9 years ldelgass Cleanups for nanovis utility libs
(edit) @3469   9 years gah fix no. of isolines from style
(edit) @3468   9 years ldelgass Fix one more include
(edit) @3467   9 years ldelgass Begin process of renaming/merging vrmath library
(edit) @3466   9 years ldelgass Remove R2 directory
(edit) @3465   9 years ldelgass Rename R2 library to nv::graphics and nv::util.
(edit) @3464   9 years ldelgass Set tracing back to off by default in nanovis
(edit) @3463   9 years ldelgass Begin process of renaming R2 library
(edit) @3462   9 years ldelgass Add support for discrete (step function) colormaps in heightmap viewer.
(edit) @3461   9 years ldelgass Use Z axis label hint if supplied
(edit) @3460   9 years gah fix zunits, remove zlabel as field name
(edit) @3459   9 years ldelgass Fix error on setting axis units (found in contour example: …
(edit) @3458   9 years ldelgass Check for colormap resolution < 1 in command binding
(edit) @3457   9 years ldelgass Fix for color map when there is only 1 table entry.
(edit) @3456   9 years gah change name of tag from unstructured_grid to unstructured.
(edit) @3455   9 years ldelgass Fix legend height
(edit) @3454   9 years gah add KP_Enter to Return bindings. Implement OK handler in visviewer …
(edit) @3453   9 years ldelgass Remove unused Event logging, move init/exit service routines to nanovis.cpp
(edit) @3452   9 years ldelgass Remove XINETD define from nanovis. We only support server mode now, …
(edit) @3451   9 years ldelgass Add ok (acknowlege commands with no render required) response.
(edit) @3448   9 years ldelgass Apply outline fixes from heightmap (rev. 3447) to isosurface viewer
(edit) @3447   9 years ldelgass Fix outline with sequence of contours
(edit) @3446   9 years gah enable wait dialog for vtkstreamlines viewer
(edit) @3445   9 years gah remove test for component attribute names, disable wait dialog for …
(edit) @3444   9 years ldelgass Fewer than 2 isolines causes an error, so just limit min. to 2
(edit) @3443   9 years ldelgass Disable right-click binding for "Picking." This was only there for …
(edit) @3442   9 years gah back out improvements to legend: no-button-click to activate
(edit) @3441   9 years gah misc cleanup vtkvolumeviewer
(edit) @3440   9 years gah reassert outline on/off after every rebuild
(edit) @3439   9 years gah improvements to legend: button-click to activate
(edit) @3438   9 years ldelgass Remove camera reset on resize from streamlines,vtk mesh/polydata viewers
(edit) @3437   9 years ldelgass Fix doxygen exclude rules for out-of-tree builds
(edit) @3436   9 years ldelgass Add docs make target for nanovis
(edit) @3435   9 years ldelgass Remove camera reset in resize (again). The server has been fixed, so …
(edit) @3434   9 years gah put back, camera reset in window resizes (pending)
(edit) @3433   9 years ldelgass Reorder commands on field change so that 'dataset scalar...' (which …
(edit) @3432   9 years ldelgass Don't reset the camera on every resize in heightmap viewer
(edit) @3431   9 years gah fix for sequence of contours
(edit) @3430   9 years gah fix for sequence of contours
(edit) @3429   9 years gah fix for sequence of contours
(edit) @3428   9 years gah fix for sequence of contours
(edit) @3427   9 years ldelgass Fix warnings with WANT_TRACE disabled
(edit) @3426   9 years ldelgass Remove checks for glui headers, it is not used
(edit) @3425   9 years ldelgass Remove OpenDX checks from configure, it is no longer …
(edit) @3424   9 years gah fix for sequence of contours
(edit) @3423   9 years ldelgass Make check for divide-by-near-zero in heightmap data scale match …
(edit) @3422   9 years ldelgass Don't append an extra newline to command block. Each command added to …
(edit) @3421   9 years gah push SendCmd? into base class w/ buffering
(edit) @3420   9 years ldelgass Reset axes before camera reset, since camera reset takes axes bounds …
(edit) @3419   9 years ldelgass Fixes for resizing window in image camera mode. Set heightmap isoline …
(edit) @3418   9 years ldelgass Need to set camera mode _before_ resetting camera to properly …
(edit) @3417   9 years gah add number of isolines control
(edit) @3416   9 years gah fix switching between heightmap/contour modes
(edit) @3415   9 years gah need camera reset for vtkviewer
(edit) @3414   9 years gah need camera reset for vtkviewer
(edit) @3413   9 years ldelgass Fix typo
(edit) @3412   9 years gah STATSDIR redefined in pymolproxy.c
(edit) @3411   9 years gah STATSDIR redefined in pymolproxy2.c
(edit) @3410   9 years gah STATSDIR redefined in vtkvis
(edit) @3409   9 years gah nanovis missing _ in of _width, isosurface broke with wrong component …
(edit) @3408   9 years ldelgass Make nanovis report errors as internal (protocol errors) by default.
(edit) @3407   9 years ldelgass Fix typo in DoResize?
(edit) @3406   9 years gah add development notes to field.
(edit) @3405   9 years gah fix to streamlines to (again) display mulitple fields from a single …
(edit) @3404   9 years ldelgass Fix compiler warnings
(edit) @3403   9 years gah make STATSDIR configurable
(edit) @3402   9 years ldelgass Add viserror parser alias to streamlines viewer
(edit) @3401   9 years gah change stats directory to /var/log
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