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(edit) @906   15 years kostmo preliminary automation of movie generation
(edit) @905   15 years dkearney added --without-tclsh and --disable-gui configure flags so we can …
(edit) @904   15 years mmc Changed the markers used in the legend area of the nanoVIS viewer.
(edit) @903   15 years mmc Final tweaks on the optimization package. The demo now works …
(edit) @902   15 years kostmo extended bmp_write_to_file()
(edit) @901   15 years kostmo Development of animation script
(edit) @900   15 years vrinside Finish volume interpolator…
(edit) @899   15 years mmc Added a -fitness option to the "perform" operation. Right now, you …
(edit) @898   15 years mmc Optimization part is getting better. Fleshed out the plug-in for …
(edit) @897   15 years mmc Improved the Rappture optimization API to include Tcl bindings. Added …
(edit) @896   15 years bhaley Added Ruby binding to ruby/ directory
(edit) @895   15 years vrinside Added isosurface test code. (this should be removed later)
(edit) @894   15 years dkearney reformating code, replacing tabs with spaces.
(edit) @893   15 years dkearney added 2D fields to the list of objects that can be visualized in a …
(edit) @892   15 years dkearney updated code to make it a little more user friendly by catching more …
(edit) @891   15 years gah revert pager fix: broke simulate button
(edit) @890   15 years gah
(edit) @889   15 years gah
(edit) @888   15 years gah
(edit) @887   15 years gah
(edit) @886   15 years gah added changes for expermental opendx reader
(edit) @885   15 years gah fixes for isosurfaces, added experimental <opendx> tag handler
(edit) @884   15 years vrinside Adding Volume animation
(edit) @883   15 years vrinside Put Sobel operation for computing normal
(edit) @882   15 years dkearney adding an "in development" version of a new dx reader using libDX* and …
(edit) @881   15 years dkearney moving nanovis' camera object to nvcamera in preparation for a new dx …
(edit) @880   15 years dkearney these updates to booleanentry.tcl are needed for the new boolean …
(edit) @879   15 years gah more fixes for simulation vs. volume data limits
(edit) @878   15 years gah nanovis isosurface interface
(edit) @877   15 years gah isosurface protocol changes
(edit) @876   15 years dkearney added ability to use upper or lowercase string boolean values
(edit) @875   15 years dkearney fix for boolean inputs to allow the use of yes/no, true/false, on/off, …
(edit) @874   15 years dkearney i think the tcl version is working now
(edit) @873   15 years dkearney adjustment to fix a small bug in the version tracking within run.xml files
(edit) @872   15 years dkearney mainly code cleanups that i've made and stored in my repository over time.
(edit) @871   15 years vrinside made volume renderer generate more slices for iso-surface rendering …
(edit) @870   15 years vrinside :q
(edit) @869   15 years gah dx reader spins on bad data
(edit) @868   15 years gah Fix GetDataStream? (remove extra NUL byte)
(edit) @867   15 years gah Fix DX breakage
(edit) @866   15 years vrinside Put isosurface command
(edit) @865   15 years gah general cleanup
(edit) @864   15 years dkearney added example of adding note to image that pops up a "more info" window.
(edit) @863   15 years dkearney added small html note example under output image
(edit) @862   15 years gah
(edit) @861   15 years kostmo Added animation routine to FlowCmd?
(edit) @860   15 years vrinside Put flow protocol. It still needs to implement some function for lic …
(edit) @859   15 years gah check pager for current page
(edit) @858   15 years gah
(edit) @857   15 years dkearney added fix for case when USER and HOST env vars do not exist.
(edit) @856   15 years gah fix histogram download
(edit) @855   15 years kostmo Added single-line command history
(edit) @854   15 years vrinside Fixed glPushMatrix/glPopMatrix calls
(edit) @853   15 years gah added binding for histgram markers labels
(edit) @852   15 years dkearney adding time limit of 20 minutes, as requested by rick, "as a stopgap …
(edit) @851   15 years vrinside Got particle system and LIC (Line integral convolution) run.
(edit) @850   15 years vrinside Activated Particle System.
(edit) @849   15 years vrinside define some functions as inline
(edit) @848   15 years vrinside Removed global variables Trace function is added Removed compile …
(edit) @847   15 years gah fix for nanovis infinite loop with bad DX data
(edit) @846   15 years vrinside Removed compile warnings
(edit) @845   15 years dkearney fixed getOutputCommand by addeding the required python package 'select'
(edit) @844   15 years gah change HistoResult? to HistogramResult?
(edit) @843   15 years gah Fixed bug with uppercase .HistoResultdownload? widget name
(edit) @842   15 years gah allow component names with digits
(edit) @841   15 years gah changes for surface plots
(edit) @840   15 years gah changes for surface plot
(edit) @839   15 years gah changes for surface plots
(edit) @838   15 years vrinside Put rendering modes such as toggling wireframe, toggling culling mode. …
(edit) @837   15 years vrinside Modified scaling grids and heightmaps in order to match the grid and …
(edit) @836   15 years dkearney fixing version of tcl rappture bindings back to 1.0 also uncommented …
(edit) @835   15 years gah More clean up. Added dxReader.cpp
(edit) @834   15 years gah Changes for heightmap viewer
(edit) @833   15 years dkearney updated configure to allow user to compile with or without perl, …
(edit) @832   15 years dkearney added steve's getCommandOutput() python function which allows the …
(edit) @831   15 years vrinside put an index for its point primitive set
(edit) @830   15 years vrinside Make it keep original color data in order to apply it to point …
(edit) @829   15 years vrinside Moved all the functions related to TCL to Command.cpp
(edit) @828   15 years vrinside Add interpolation functions for compute values between two values with …
(edit) @827   15 years vrinside Added color blending with point sprite texture
(edit) @826   15 years vrinside Add PointSet?.o
(edit) @825   15 years vrinside Image Loader initialization - Add BMP loader in Nv.cpp Point Renderer …
(edit) @824   15 years vrinside Removed a unnecessary file.
(edit) @823   15 years vrinside Image Loaders - BMP (Currently BMP loader was implmented) For …
(edit) @822   15 years gah
(edit) @821   15 years vrinside added Point rendering for volume data
(edit) @820   15 years vrinside NaN values in a data set is taken into account.
(edit) @819   15 years vrinside Added several member functions
(edit) @818   15 years gah still in development
(edit) @817   15 years dkearney added small matlab example of building a cloud
(edit) @816   15 years liveletlive Committing the newer version of PGAPack.
(edit) @815   15 years liveletlive Committing the /tmp/gekco/pgapack folder that contains the older …
(edit) @814   15 years liveletlive Committing the /tmp/gekco/pgapack folder that contains the older …
(edit) @813   15 years liveletlive renaming the folder
(edit) @812   15 years liveletlive This is the folder meant to be for Prof. Klimeck's modified version of …
(edit) @811   15 years gah introduction of histogram object
(edit) @810   15 years vrinside -> modified ambient value 0.8 to 0.2 nanovis.cpp -> add …
(edit) @809   15 years mmc Created the initial API for the optimizer. Type "make" in this …
(edit) @808   15 years dkearney allow the user to create a new empty rappture library object in c++ …
(edit) @807   15 years dkearney adjusted nanovis-test to always send gzip mime encoded data to nanovis …
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