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(edit) @3   11 years mmc Added put() and remove() options to the Rappture.library, so you can add …
(edit) @2   11 years mmc Fixed the library.children() method to allow filtering based on XML node …
(add) @1   11 years mmc initial import
(edit) @6522   4 hours ldelgass Can't change visibility or opacity of mask layer
(edit) @6521   5 hours ldelgass whitespace
(edit) @6520   5 hours ldelgass Add default model rotations for Map::addLayer API.
(edit) @6519   5 hours ldelgass Client-side of new protocol: terrainPatch, wkt geometry, rotations for …
(edit) @6515   23 hours ldelgass Add client support for terrain mask layers.
(edit) @6495   9 days ldelgass Add model layer type for OSG 3D models.
(edit) @6494   2 weeks ldelgass fix comment
(edit) @6493   2 weeks ldelgass Add map camera settings for layer (set camera by layer extent) and …
(edit) @6492   2 weeks ldelgass Add zoom to layer extent controls on layers tab
(edit) @6491   2 weeks ldelgass add generic zoom, zoom extent icons
(edit) @6490   2 weeks ldelgass Update client protocol to send (optional) verticalDatum override for …
(edit) @6486   2 weeks ldelgass Fix error on _click not being defined
(edit) @6480   3 weeks ldelgass add Rappture.raptool module to
(edit) @6476   3 weeks ldelgass code style fix in gauge
(edit) @6473   3 weeks ldelgass Merge simsets, result cache (instant-on) from release branches.
(edit) @6465   4 weeks ldelgass Code style change: use style as array name in SetObjectStyle? like other …
(edit) @6464   4 weeks ldelgass Ignore "none" in SetColormap?
(edit) @6461   4 weeks ldelgass Add point size style option to mesh/surface viewers, some fixes for …
(edit) @6456   5 weeks ldelgass Fix copy/paste error in surface viewer
(edit) @6454   5 weeks ldelgass Add -constcolor style to surface viewer
(edit) @6453   5 weeks ldelgass Default to color by scalar if no element array present, fix for bond …
(edit) @6452   5 weeks ldelgass fix cut/paste error
(edit) @6451   5 weeks ldelgass add tooltips
(edit) @6450   5 weeks ldelgass Fix colormap names after widget name fix in r6449.
(edit) @6449   5 weeks ldelgass Tooltips don't work if widget name has a hyphen-minus, so substitute with …
(edit) @6447   5 weeks ldelgass Initialize colormap GUI control setting from style
(edit) @6445   5 weeks ldelgass Fix "-color" setting for setting the colormap name for glyphs or polydata …
(edit) @6442   5 weeks ldelgass Fix check for existing glyph settings tab
(edit) @6440   5 weeks ldelgass Don't call SendBytes? from StopBufferingCommands? if output buffer is empty
(edit) @6438   6 weeks ldelgass Remove redundant protocol to set molecule colormap. This command could be …
(edit) @6437   6 weeks ldelgass Make VisViewer? debug console toplevel window per viewer instance. Fixes …
(edit) @6436   6 weeks ldelgass Don't use user-supplied style name as array name in parseStylesheet. …
(edit) @6435   6 weeks mmh add option to set status and add support for running tools from python
(edit) @6433   6 weeks ldelgass Fix setting colormap on reset in vtkviewer
(edit) @6426   6 weeks ldelgass fix setting sorting
(edit) @6419   2 months ldelgass Make squeezer build with Tk 8.5 (as well as Tk 8.4)
(edit) @6413   2 months ldelgass Add methods to Map object to convert style flags to CSS style.
(edit) @6412   2 months ldelgass support sequence of meshes
(edit) @6410   2 months ldelgass Check for VTK parsing errors and make components invalid on failure.
(edit) @6407   2 months ldelgass s/palette/colormap/
(edit) @6406   2 months ldelgass Fix setting bond const color: setting const color was overriding bond …
(edit) @6405   2 months ldelgass Work on coloring molecule (vtk) by scalar field. Parse fields in VTK file …
(edit) @6379   3 months ldelgass Fix limits in protocol
(edit) @6377   3 months ldelgass VTK (XML) files can have field names with spaces, so fix protocol to quote …
(edit) @6376   3 months ldelgass Pass hub url from mapviewer client to render server.
(edit) @6372   3 months dkearney adding multichoice widget from the multichoice branch
(edit) @6370   3 months dkearney adding feature multiple selection examples, not all ideas work right now. …
(edit) @6367   3 months ldelgass Remove use of obsolete Rappture::Panes -sashcursor option from Rappture …
(edit) @6366   3 months ldelgass Simple map entry widget to show map object as Rappture input. Currently …
(edit) @6365   3 months ldelgass Add -map option to MapViewer to replace view with a Map object. For use …
(edit) @6362   3 months ldelgass Add style setting for discrete colormap
(edit) @6361   3 months ldelgass Remove code with no effect (not using any dataobj-specific settings)
(edit) @6360   3 months ldelgass Init settings fix for nano/flowvis
(edit) @6359   3 months ldelgass more syncing viewers
(edit) @6357   3 months ldelgass fix setting name in vtkimage viewer
(edit) @6356   3 months ldelgass apply fix for stretch to fit from heightmap in r5914 to image viewer
(edit) @6355   3 months ldelgass Add SetCurrentFieldName? method to more vtk viewers
(edit) @6353   3 months ldelgass Add tfs,wfs support for feature layer to map viewer
(edit) @6352   4 months ldelgass Add a temporary hack to MapViewer::rebuild to render an extra frame as a …
(edit) @6348   4 months ldelgass New feature layer protocol for client
(edit) @6346   4 months ldelgass fix comment
(edit) @6345   4 months ldelgass Restore saved isoline color on isoline enable in heightmap viewer.
(edit) @6344   4 months ldelgass fix typo
(edit) @6343   4 months ldelgass Fix for setting isoline color to none in surface viewer.
(edit) @6339   4 months ldelgass whitespace
(edit) @6338   4 months ldelgass sync up viewer font setting
(edit) @6337   4 months ldelgass whitespace
(edit) @6336   4 months ldelgass sync viewer axis settings names
(edit) @6335   4 months ldelgass fix missing arg
(edit) @6334   4 months ldelgass sync up viewers use of LegendTitleAction? method
(edit) @6333   4 months ldelgass Use consistent argument naming for ReceiveLegend?
(edit) @6332   4 months ldelgass Remove unused member var
(edit) @6331   4 months ldelgass Add style settings to heightmap
(edit) @6330   4 months ldelgass Remove redundant SetCurrentColormap? in vtkisosurfaceviewer SetObjectStyle?. …
(edit) @6329   4 months ldelgass Set default isoline color from settings array
(edit) @6328   4 months ldelgass fix typo
(edit) @6327   4 months ldelgass Default 4 node elements to tetrahedra in 3D (deprecated) node/element …
(edit) @6326   4 months ldelgass Fix conversion of quad cells from old node/element (prophet) mesh to VTK …
(edit) @6325   4 months ldelgass fix error msg
(edit) @6324   4 months ldelgass Fix setting dirty flag in Map::addLayer
(edit) @6318   4 months ldelgass Add dirty flag to map object to track changes to (immutable) layer …
(edit) @6316   4 months ldelgass code style fixes
(edit) @6304   4 months ldelgass style
(edit) @6303   4 months ldelgass fix error msg
(edit) @6302   4 months ldelgass remove code with no effect
(edit) @6301   4 months ldelgass style fix
(edit) @6300   4 months ldelgass Fix syntax error with bracket/brace nesting in ParseMarkersOption?
(edit) @6299   4 months ldelgass make examplues use MapViewer::refresh
(edit) @6298   4 months ldelgass add method to refresh map view
(edit) @6297   4 months ldelgass Clamp relative values to [0,1] in transfer function editor to prevent …
(edit) @6296   4 months ldelgass merge uq fix from release branch
(edit) @6295   4 months ldelgass merge r6291 from release branch
(edit) @6287   4 months ldelgass fix map examples for tclsh
(edit) @6285   4 months ldelgass Fix examples for running with tclsh
(edit) @6280   4 months ldelgass fix error msg
(edit) @6279   4 months ldelgass Update example for new protocol
(edit) @6278   4 months ldelgass Add select region handler
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