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(edit) @3   10 years mmc Added put() and remove() options to the Rappture.library, so you can add …
(edit) @2   10 years mmc Fixed the library.children() method to allow filtering based on XML node …
(add) @1   10 years mmc initial import
(edit) @5175   24 hours ldelgass update vtk version in configure to 6.2
(edit) @5165   8 days ldelgass disable debug output
(edit) @5164   8 days ldelgass quote srs/vert datum
(edit) @5163   8 days ldelgass Fixes for map viewpoints
(edit) @5160   9 days ldelgass Override SendCmd? method from VisViewer? superclass rather than using a …
(edit) @5159   9 days ldelgass Use binary VTK format for file converted from AVS ucd
(edit) @5158   9 days ldelgass More surface viewer fixes, including color mode on reset fix
(edit) @5157   10 days ldelgass Surface viewer fixes (based on changes from isosurface viewer)
(edit) @5156   10 days ldelgass connection reset fixes
(edit) @5153   12 days ldelgass Set UTF-8 encoding on strings sent to render server in map viewer
(edit) @5150   13 days ldelgass add deprecation warning for cloud
(edit) @5145   2 weeks ldelgass Fix for automatic ticket #274586. Also, don't change cursor for busy …
(edit) @5142   2 weeks ldelgass fix error in BuildVolumeComponents?
(edit) @5141   2 weeks ldelgass Fix for transfer function editor dtor
(edit) @5140   2 weeks ldelgass fix error in nanovis dtor
(edit) @5139   2 weeks ldelgass More fixes for defining colormap on reset
(edit) @5138   2 weeks ldelgass fix copy/paste error
(edit) @5137   2 weeks ldelgass Contour/heightmap fixes for defining colormap on reset and when no valid …
(edit) @5136   2 weeks ldelgass remove unused var
(edit) @5135   2 weeks ldelgass Fix command sequence in molvisviewer
(edit) @5134   2 weeks ldelgass Use SendData? method to send binary data in viewers, make _outbuf private …
(edit) @5132   2 weeks ldelgass sync with 1.4 branch
(edit) @5128   2 weeks ldelgass fix typo
(edit) @5127   2 weeks ldelgass Add method to send data payload to render server. We may need to modify …
(edit) @5126   2 weeks ldelgass normalize whitespace in colormap
(edit) @5125   2 weeks ldelgass normalize whitespace in colormap tags
(edit) @5120   3 weeks ldelgass first attempt at legend for colormap map layers
(edit) @5106   3 weeks ldelgass add driver option for colorramp
(edit) @5104   3 weeks ldelgass update mapviewer for NSF demo
(edit) @5100   3 weeks ldelgass whitespace
(edit) @5099   3 weeks ldelgass whitespace
(edit) @5098   3 weeks ldelgass whitespace
(edit) @5097   3 weeks ldelgass Merge fieldresult from 1.4 branch (manually, since changeset included …
(edit) @5094   3 weeks ldelgass Enable the wait animation in all nanovis and vtkvis viewers
(edit) @5093   3 weeks ldelgass Add some error messages, unset local temp variables after done in DX to …
(edit) @5092   3 weeks ldelgass Add update in Rebuild to allow initial canvas size to be set. We don't …
(edit) @5091   3 weeks ldelgass whitespace
(edit) @5090   3 weeks ldelgass whitespace
(edit) @5085   4 weeks dkearney merging 5084 from uvv to trunk
(edit) @5078   4 weeks ldelgass Isosurface viewer: complete the set of style settings and UI control …
(edit) @5077   4 weeks ldelgass Take custom range setting into account in SetCurrentFieldName?, which is …
(edit) @5071   4 weeks ldelgass Isosurface viewer fixes: Fix applying UI settings for opacity, numcontours …
(edit) @5069   4 weeks ldelgass fix comments
(edit) @5068   4 weeks ldelgass Change uses of SendCmdNoWait? to SendCmd?. We don't currently have (or …
(edit) @5062   4 weeks ldelgass remove executable bit from images
(edit) @5056   4 weeks ldelgass restore emacs mode magic
(edit) @5054   4 weeks dkearney merging vtkisosurface and gauge widget updates from uvv branch to trunk
(edit) @5044   5 weeks mmc Fixed the Panes widget to handle fractional sizes better. Instead of …
(edit) @5031   6 weeks ldelgass event compression for selection updates
(edit) @5028   6 weeks ldelgass Honor insert position for adding tabs to sidebar: was hard-coded to append …
(edit) @5027   6 weeks ldelgass Add viewpoints, attributions to maps
(edit) @5025   6 weeks ldelgass fix typo in comment
(edit) @5024   6 weeks ldelgass Widget names with hyphens cause problems with tooltips
(edit) @5023   6 weeks ldelgass Add heading,pitch sliders, more keyboard bindings
(edit) @5022   6 weeks ldelgass add key bindings for rotation, reset heading/pitch
(edit) @5019   7 weeks ldelgass Workaround for problem with Img package: ensure the Img package is loaded …
(edit) @5015   7 weeks ldelgass whitespace
(edit) @5008   7 weeks ldelgass whitespace
(edit) @5006   7 weeks ldelgass whitespace
(edit) @5005   7 weeks ldelgass whitespace
(edit) @5004   7 weeks ldelgass whitespace
(edit) @5003   7 weeks ldelgass whitespace
(edit) @5002   7 weeks ldelgass Whitespace: trailing spaces
(edit) @5001   7 weeks ldelgass Whitespace: tabs to spaces
(edit) @5000   7 weeks ldelgass No method is implemented to convert unirect3d to VTK, so allow an error to …
(edit) @4999   7 weeks ldelgass fix typo in comment
(edit) @4998   7 weeks ldelgass Some cleanups and doc updates for mesh,values methods in field object
(edit) @4997   7 weeks ldelgass initialize variable
(edit) @4996   7 weeks ldelgass add some error checks
(edit) @4995   7 weeks ldelgass Add camera/viewpoint settings to map object
(edit) @4993   7 weeks dkearney merging uiuc's requested isosurfaceviewser changes into trunk, it adds the …
(edit) @4990   7 weeks ldelgass Disable debugging output of view params
(edit) @4989   7 weeks ldelgass add comments from 1.4 branch to sync
(edit) @4979   7 weeks ldelgass Add guards around debugging output in DICOM to VTK converter
(edit) @4977   8 weeks ldelgass Layer opacity sliders, disable some controls based on map/layer types.
(edit) @4975   2 months ldelgass Time in protocol is actually UTC, so fix client to reflect that.
(edit) @4974   2 months ldelgass Add time slider
(edit) @4972   2 months ldelgass fix comment
(edit) @4970   2 months mmc Fixed auto-execution via TOOL_PARAMETERS to produce status output in a …
(edit) @4967   2 months ldelgass Only apply cutplane settings to the appropriate dataset
(edit) @4964   2 months ldelgass Initialize x,y,z cutplane position/state from style in …
(edit) @4961   2 months mmc Fixed the way that Rappture handles tool parameters. When Rappture starts …
(edit) @4959   2 months mmc Updated XAuth library to support authentication via the session_num and …
(edit) @4958   2 months ldelgass add cache option to map image layers
(edit) @4950   2 months ldelgass add Rappture build info to map clientinfo
(edit) @4944   2 months ldelgass fix typo in variable name
(edit) @4942   2 months ldelgass merge r4928 from 1.3 branch (remove updates)
(edit) @4940   2 months ldelgass merge r4927 from 1.3 branch (fix 1D cloud+field)
(edit) @4938   2 months ldelgass merge r4918:4922 from 1.3 branch (recolor)
(edit) @4924   3 months ldelgass Remove support for units on cloud point coordinates
(edit) @4856   4 months dkearney adding <xml ...> header to output of execute.tcl script for running …
(edit) @4847   4 months ldelgass bump version
(edit) @4834   4 months mmc Added support for "rappture -execute" option, so that we can execute the …
(edit) @4791   4 months ldelgass merge r4790 from release branch
(edit) @4789   4 months ldelgass Make tool hints in map match other data objects
(edit) @4787   4 months ldelgass add tool hints to mesh object
(edit) @4785   4 months ldelgass Add tool hints to drawing output
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