Rappture Documentation

This page contains reference documentation for the Rappture toolkit. Make sure you understand the big picture (What Is Rappture?) before you get in too deep here.

Rappture Tutorials

The following tutorials teach the basic concepts behind Rappture and take you through several examples in Python, Fortran, and other languages:

Rappture Examples

There are lots of examples included in the Rappture code distribution. You can browse these online. Or, you might copy them into your working directory within a nanoHUB workspace as follows:

% cp -r /apps/share64/debian7/rappture/current/examples .

Rappture GUI Elements

The first step in building a Rappture application is to describe the inputs and outputs for your tool:

Rappture APIs

The second step is to access the inputs/outputs within your tool via the Rappture library. Pick your favorite programming language:

Utility Commands

These utilities are installed along with Rappture to help process run.xml files:

  • rpdiff - compare two run.xml files
  • rptimes - create SQLite database of run times from run.xml files

Building Rappture (Linux and MacOS X)

File Download/Upload

Rappture has a unique mechanism for file download/upload when applications are running within a Web browser. The application itself acts as a Web server, and a filexfer "helper" applet is sent to the client's browser. Read more...

Passing Parameters from URL

There is a generic mechanism used to pass parameters into tools on the hub. Using this same mechanism, you can tell Rappture to execute driver files, load run files, load a file into an input parameter, and more. More details...

Geospatial Features (GABBs Project)

Current working design specifications:

Old design documents:

Proposed Dataset XML Element

This page describes a proposed dataset object for rappture. Read more...

Running Windows tools in WINE

This page describes problems running windows tools in WINE Read more...

Uncertainty Quantification Internals Documentation

Uncertainty Quantification Integration with Rappture

Coming Soon: Rappture 2.0

We're working on a complete redesign of Rappture, combining the XML description and the code that accesses this description, making it easier to integrate Rappture into your applications. Here are some notes on the Rappture Core Object Design.


Coming Soon: Rappture Services

Simulation Results

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