Rappture Filesize Limit

Please note that as of March 2009, file size limits have been removed from Rappture. CPU time limits have not been removed and are still enforced. The following describes how you used to adjust the file size limits in previous versions of Rappture.

Rappture imposes a filesize limit prevent runaway programs from needlessly filling up disk space. By default the filesize limit is set to 1000000 bytes. (1MB)

Changing the Limit

Each tool is described by a tool.xml file, which has the following structure:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <title>Name of the tool</title>
    <about>Description and credits</about>
      @tool/path/to/executable @driver

The optional <limits> section can be used to set limits on the amount of CPU time or the size of files that a simulator produces. This keeps runaway programs in check. By default, each simulator is allowed 900 seconds (15 mins) of CPU time and 1MB for each file produced. You can increase or decrease either of these limits.

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