Installing the Rappture-Runtime, the semi-hard way

Topics discussed:

  1. Rappture-Runtime Repository
  2. Getting the packages
  3. Compiling and Installing

If you've tried installing the rappture-runtime the hard way and had trouble, you can try using our rappture-runtime svn repository.

Rappture-Runtime Repository

We keep a copy of all of the software needed to compile a new version of the rappture package in our software repository. The repository holds a copy of all source packages needed to compile and generate a new package.

Getting the packages

To download packages from our repository, you can issue the following svn command

svn checkout rappture-runtime

This will download the packages from our repository to your computer. There are quite a few packages and some of them are a bit large so this could take a while depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Once the download is complete, you will have a directory named rappture-runtime. Inside this directory includes a Makefile which is used to compile the individual packages.

Compiling and Installing

The most interesting stuff can probably be found by browsing the source:

take a look at the Makefile:

under each heading (tcl, tk, itcl, tdom, blt, ...) it lists the commands we run to compile each package. i hope to clean this up by august or september so all you have to do is type ./configure make all make install but i have one project that i have to finish before i can work on that.

there are a few slight differences between the packages we have in our repository and the ones available on the internet. for instance, there are small bug fixes here and there particularly in blt and the scew library. thats one reason we keep our own repository of the software.

you can download our repository using this svn command

svn checkout rappture-runtime

if you decide to use the Makefile we created for creating a rappture package, you'll need to read through it and change a few variables, most notably, the first two lines (basedir and Rappture variables) near the top of the file.

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