Release Notes for Rappture 1.2

  • New 2D contour/surface (heightmap) viewer.
    • old surface (heightmap) viewer is replaced by contour/surface viewer.
    • displays <field> objects with any type of 2D <mesh>.
  • <mesh> object upgraded.
    • deprecated <unirect2d> and <cloud> objects.
    • includes cloud, uniform rectilinear grid (like <unirect2d>, nonuniform rectilinear grid, curvilinear grid, triangular, and an unstructured grid that may have heterogeneous cell types. Old style <node>and <element> format is deprecated.
    • no longer automatically demote 3D data to lower dimensions. If you want an X-Y plot, use a <curve> instead of a 1D mesh (a 3D mesh with no range in the Y and Z axes).
  • <field> object upgraded.
    • can use legacy VTK file format.
    • can use AVS UCD file format.
  • New isosurface viewer replaces old VTK version.
    • displays <field> objects with any type of 3D <mesh>.
    • fixes zoom/rotation. No gimbal lock. No initial zoom.
    • axes
    • legend
  • Many improvements for volume viewer.
    • lighting improvements.
    • rotation can no longer can create gimbal lock.
  • Better reporting of server errors.
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