The RpBoolean is a class derived from the RpVariable class. A RpBoolean contains the following data members:

The RpBoolean class allows the user to define a rappture boolean object, setting the key values needed to create a gui from Rappture generated XML. All information is stored in the RpBoolean object until it needs to be written to the XML file using the put() member function. The form of the resultant xml should follow that specified in Boolean

How to use:

  • check out the example use in the test program in the svn repository.
    1. The program is located under the directory path rappture/test/src, read and understand it.
    2. You can compile the program by going to the directory path rappture/src and issuing the command make libRpObject.
    3. Next goto the directory rappture/test and issue the command make RpBoolean_test.
    4. Run the program ./RpBoolean_test
  • check out the header file for the class, located in the rappture/include/core directory
  • check out the class definition located in the rappture/src/core directory
  • to include this class into your application:
    1. Go to the directory path rappture/src
    2. Issue command make libRpObject
    3. Compile your application against the shared object library libRpObject, which will be located in the rappture/src directory

Design Comments / Considerations / Future Changes:

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