The RpVariable is a base class with virtual functions that can be overwritten by deived classes. A RpVariable contains the following elements:

The RpVariable class was meant to be the base class for the following data types:

How to use:

  • check out the example use in the test program in the svn repository.
    1. The program is located in the directory path rappture/test/src, read and understand it.
    2. You can compile the program by going to the rappture/test directory and issuing the command make.
    3. In the test directory the program ./RpVariable_test will be compiled. To run, type ./RpVariable

Design Comments / Considerations / Future Changes:

  • Try to figure out how to do hints instead of implementing getX() / setX() functions
  • Use type checking in RpVariable instead of void*'s and casting, try creating a base class RpValue?, and derived classes RpValDbl? and RpValStr?. Use type checking and polymorphism to avoid the void*. Check out patters (letter and envelope)?
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