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updated for bootcamp 2012

Rappture Toolkit

Rappture is a toolkit supporting Rapid application infrastructure, making it quick and easy to develop powerful scientific applications. Your underlying simulator can be written in C/C++, Fortran, MATLAB/Octave, R, Java, Perl, Python, or Tcl. Once you describe the input/output for your simulator, Rappture handles the rest, generating a graphical interface automatically based on your description. The resulting application is easy to deploy on and other hubs based on the HUBzero platform, so a large community of users can access the application through a web browser.

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Other resources:

Rappture Team:

Special thanks to:

  • Ben Haley - molecule trajectories
  • Ben Rafferty - regression tester
  • Wei Qiao, Insoo Woo, and David Ebert - nanoVIS visualization server
  • R. Kent Smith - pointers on meshing and numerical methods