Change History for WishList

Version Date Author Comment
10 8 years dkearney adding previous parameter lookup wish from baudilio
9 9 years dkearney describe new method to pick the first render server to send nanovis job to
8 9 years dkearney added joe ringgenberg's request for space/tab delimited downloaded …
7 9 years dkearney added abhijeet paul's pymol requests.
6 9 years mmc
5 9 years dkearney added daniel richards request that <note> elements be usable as output …
4 10 years dkearney added gui units translation as discussed with baudilio
3 10 years dkearney added joe's movie player request from a past email
2 10 years dkearney added update requests from baudilio and the also the abinit team
1 10 years mmc priorities from Joe as of 10/3/2007