A 3D Drawing Widget for Rappture

This widget can be used for both Rappture inputs and outputs. It displays a drawing in 3 dimensions. It is *not* a 3D drawing editor. A goal is to replace images of specimens or devices with a 3D drawing that can be manipulated.

      <label>Polydata Example</label>
      <style>-color blue -opacity 0.9 -linewidth 2</style>
    <vtk>..vtk file contents..</vtk>
      <label>Glyphs Example</label>
      <style>-edges off -gscale 1</style>
    <vtk>..vtk file contents..</vtk>
      <label>Molecule Example</label>
    <pdb>..pdb file contents..</pdb>
  • Purposes:
    • A simple device viewer. Can be rotated and zoomed.
    • Lets you build a structure with several layers.
    • View simple molecules.
  • Axes are optional.
  • Components are basic geometric types or vtk file types.
  • Individual components can be hidden.
  • Associations can be made between components/values and another Rappture input.
    • A notification is generated whenever the input changes, causing the drawing to be rendered with the new values.
  • Right now software rendering is done on the execution host. Can create client/server application on render servers.
    • This works so long as number of objects is manageable (not 1 million atoms).
  • Needs:
    • Examples of inputs and outputs.
      • Types of interactions with inputs.
      • Types of interactions with outputs.
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