To-do List

  • Rendering
    • Rendering Point primitives (For volume)
    • Surface Rendering
      • lighting
      • picking surface
    • Grid
      • putting axis and grid transparency
      • setting ticks
      1. Scale data to fit within grid (done for heightmaps).
  • Camera moving
    • Fix camera rotation error (gimbal lock, due to use of euler angles).
    • Panning (gah)
  • Iso-surface rendering
    • Transfer function definition (Using Gaussian distribution function)
    • Normal caculation (Using Sobel Operation)
  • Flow visualization
    • Particle life time
    • Correctly scale velocity for accurate particle movement.
    1. Investigate use of point sprites to render particles. Particle sizes should change with distance from the camera.
    2. Specular lighting of particles.
    3. Fix possible bug in streams plane (LIC). Streams appear to move orthogonally.
    4. Support "goto" feature to let user move to a particular time point. Either make advecting faster or cache specific time points.
    5. Display multiple flows.
    6. Display volumes and flows simultaneously.
    7. Make boxes a generic feature (not associated with a flow or volume) available to volumes and heightmaps.
    8. Correct box rendering with respect to linewidth (join and butt).
    9. Add labels to boxes and particle injection planes.
    10. Fix scaling of vector field (and volumes in general). Width, height, and depth and taken from number of points instead of the range of the data. So to make a vector field twice as wide, it's not enough to change the min and max of the x-axis, you have to double the number of grid lines.
    11. Support different video formats like theora, h264, xvid (gah).
    12. Support VTK regular, irregular grid formats (gah).
    13. Support cloud-of-points x,y,z format (gah).
    14. Support for arrow particles (plane only?)
  • Volume Rendering
    1. Add feature to temporarily change opacity of specific volumes (outside of the transfer function) to allow comparison of volumes.
    2. Create dropdown transfer function editor. Provide zooming into regions (gah).
    3. Log scale shader. Colors are now linearly interpolated. Some data is better viewed in log scale.
  • GUI (Client side)
    • Transfer fucntion (Survery)
    • Rendering Point primitives (Mode Selection)
    • Iso-surface rendering (Mode Selection)
    • Camera moving (Panning Model Selection)
    • Grid


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