1. Check out Rappture runtime source files, for example, in /tmp:
    $ cd /tmp
    $ svn checkout rappture-runtime

If you has previously checked out the runtime source files, update:

$ cd /tmp/rappture-runtime 
$ svn update
$ make cleanall (this will remove all intermediate files generated at previous builds)
  1. Edit rappture-runtime/Makefile to enter the correct source directory:
    (The default is /opt/rappture-runtime)

(Note: As of now, we build into /opt/rappture because many of the hacked Makefiles and scirpts point to /opt/rappture. We're making changes to eventually allow change to the build directory.)

  1. Build all packages required by Rappture, type:
    $ make all
  1. Check for errors in output.*
  1. To install on Hamlet, nanoHUB and rappture download web page, type:
    $ make install-all

You may also push the distribution to hamlet, nanoHUB, and the web server separately. The installation on hamlet and nanohub will automatically change the 'dev' symbolic link to the newly installed version for testing.

make install-hamlet
make install-nanohub
make install-web

Note: You need certain priviledges to install on these systems.

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