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Installing Rappture on Linux Systems

The following are instructions describe how to install the precompiled binary packages of Rappture on Linux systems.

1. Download the tar file that is correct for your architecture.

For 32-bit Linux systems: rappture-Linux-i686-20130903.tar.gz (139MB)

For 64-bit Linux systems: rappture-Linux-x86_64-20130903.tar.gz (124MB)

2. Create the destination directory (for example /usr/local/rappture) where you would like Rappture installed:

% mkdir /usr/local/rappture

3. Unpack the tar file in the destination directory:

% tar -C /usr/local/rappture xvf rappture-linux-*.tar.gz

4. Edit the "rappture.env" file to indicate where you installed Rappture.

Edit the file bin/rappture.env in the destination directory.

% vi /usr/local/rappture/bin/rappture.env

Change the INSTALL_RAPPTURE_DIR variable to the location of the destination directory.


5. Try running rappture. First put the Rappture bin directory in your command path:

for csh/tcsh:  set path=( /usr/local/rappture/bin $path )
for sh/bash:   export PATH=/usr/local/rappture/nin:$PATH

Now, run one of the examples:

% cd /usr/local/rappture/examples/app-fermi/tcl
% rappture

This should bring up a simple Fermi function simulator, built with Rappture and Tcl!

Try another example:

% cd ../../graph
% rappture

This should bring up a simple graphing calculator, built with Rappture and Python!

If this fails

If you have problems with the binary package, you also can try building Rappture for you system. See the instructions in Installing on MacOSX

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