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Installing Rappture on MacOSX Systems

Note: You need to have X11 installed on your Mac before running Rappture.

1. Download the latest Rappture distribution: -- (0MB)

2. If possible, unpack it in the /opt directory:

% cd /opt
% tar xvzf /tmp/rappture-macosx.tar.gz

If you can do this, you're good to go. You may have to create the /opt directory. If for some reason you can't write to /opt, you'll have to unpack Rappture somewhere else, and then edit the rappture/bin/rappture shell script to contain the proper path. For example, you could install in /tmp as follows:

% cd /tmp
% tar xvzf rappture-macosx.tar.gz
% vi rappture/bin/rappture

in the editor change the following few lines at the top of the script:
  # If you install Rappture elsewhere, edit the line below:

3. Test it out. Put the Rappture bin directory on your command path:

for csh/tcsh:  setenv PATH "/opt/rappture/bin:$PATH"
for sh/bash:   export PATH=/opt/rappture/bin:$PATH

(NOTE: You should put the PATH setting in your .profile file (sh/bash) or your .cshrc file (csh/tcsh) so it happens automatically whenever you start a shell.)

Now, run one of the examples:

% cd rappture/examples/app-fermi/tcl
% rappture

This should bring up a simple Fermi function simulator, built with Rappture and Tcl!

Try another example:

% cd ../../graph
% rappture

This should bring up a simple graphing calculator, built with Rappture and Python!

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