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changed image() macro to rpimage() so images work properly


A group object groups input elements together.

  <group id="tau">
      <label>Minority carrier lifetimes</label>

    <number id="taun">
      <about> <label>For electrons</label> </about>
    <number id="taup">
      <about> <label>For holes</label> </about>

A group of groups is drawn as a set of tabs.

  <group id="tabs">
    <group id="models">
      <about> <label>Models</label> </about>
      ...input elements for this tab...

    <group id="ambient">
      <about> <label>Ambient</label> </about>
      <number id="temp">
        <about> <label>Temperature</label> </about>

You can see working code in the zoo of example's in the group example or on the hub in the directory /apps/rappture/examples/zoo/group.