A phase is like a group of input controls, but it represents a whole page within the graphical interface. A complicated tool may have too many controls to fit on one page, even if you use groups. Or, it may have a series of tasks that must be linked together to form a complete analysis. Each page of input is represented by a phase.

Note that instead of a Simulate button, the phases are arranged one after another, in a Next, Next, Next manner. The very last Next operation is Simulate.

  <phase id="one">
    <about> <label>First Page</label> </about>
    <string id="first">
      <about> <label>First input</label> </about>

  <phase id="two">
    <about> <label>Second Page</label> </about>
    <string id="second">
      <about> <label>Second input</label> </about>

You can see working code in the zoo of examples in the phase example or on the hub in the directory /apps/rappture/examples/zoo/phase.

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