Jobs: Postdoc in Nanoscale Solar Energy Conversion

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Reference code: 35121079 FOM Institute AMOLF, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS


Post-Doctoral Researcher



Start date

02 Sep 2013

Search ends

02 Sep 2013

The Nanoscale Solar Cells Group synthesizes advanced metal and semiconducting nanostructures, characterizes their material properties and integrates them into novel device structures with the aim of improving our fundamental understanding of light absorption, charge separation, recombination and transport at the nanometer scale.

Research Job Description

We have projects available related to 1) using light as a structure-directing agent for hierarchical nanoscale synthesis (nanophotography), 2) using surface chemistry to control nanomaterial properties and create functional devices (surface doping) and 3) using metal nanowire transparent electrodes as the building blocks for core-shell inorganic solar cells (solar highways). Projects will involve a mix of chemical synthesis, nanomaterial characterization, device fabrication and quantitative measurements; the balance will vary depending on the candidate’s strengths and interests. The Nanoscale Solar Cells group started September 1, 2012 so all members will receive substantial attention directly from the group leader. All projects have been planned to minimize startup time so that novel scientific results and potentially a publication should arise within the first year. In addition to setting up equipment and running experiments, postdocs will be expected to help train and supervise graduate students.

Required qualifications

Candidates must have a Ph.D. degree in chemistry, physics, materials science, electrical engineering or a related field. The ideal candidate would have research experience in most or all of the following areas: nanomaterial synthesis (solution-phase and gas-phase), surface chemistry, scanning and transmission electron microscopy, optical spectroscopy, electron-beam lithography, solar cell device fabrication and electrical property measurements. Experience with computer programming, simulations and building equipment is also valuable. Terms of employment The position is a full-time (40 hrs / week, 12 months / year) appointment under the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) and continues for two years. AMOLF assists new postdocs with housing and visa applications and compensates their moving costs and furnishing expenses. For further information please contact: Dr. Erik Garnett Group leader, Nanoscale Solar Cells

Applications can be sent to: FOM Institute AMOLF Personnel dept. Postbus 41883 1009 DB Amsterdam The Netherlands

Please quote vacancy # 1306.20

Please send in your:

Résumé including prior research experience, publications and laboratory or simulation skills

Name, title and contact information of at least 3 references

Motivation on why you want to join the group (max 1 page)

Applications without this motivation will not be taken into account. However, with this motivation your application will receive our full attention. Online screening may be part of the selection.

For more information please contact:

Erik Garnett Email: