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I encountered a problem with a tool. Who is responsible for supporting the tool?

Resources and tools on nanoHUB are authored and maintained by community contributors, and are not supported by NCN staff. When you submit a help ticket regarding a specific resource or tool, that ticket is forwarded to the tool's development team.

Depending on whether or not the tool's developers are still actively engaged with their tool, you may or may not receive a response.

Including some information in your support ticket request may help the tool developers diagnose the issue and respond more quickly:

  • Describing what you did that caused the problem, including input parameters. For example: "When I choose option X, I get this particular error."
  • Describing the output. For example, including a screenshot of the error message can help.
  • Describing the ways that the problem be reproduced. Does the problem happen every time you run the tool?

You can also use the Question and Answer section of the tool or resource. Read through the list of posted questions to see if someone else has already asked. If not, feel free to post a new question.

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