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    Instituto de Microelectrónica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

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    Professor Ricardo Garcia has been a Research Professor at the
    Instituto de Microelectronica de Madrid (CSIC) since 2004. His main
    scientific goal is the investigation of the fundamental relationship
    between nanometer-scale structure and physical properties. In
    particular, he has devoted a large effort to the study of the
    morphological, mechanical, chemical, tribological and electrical
    properties of structures at nanometer level. Prof. Garcia has also
    been actively involved in the fabrication of scanning probe
    microscopies since 1994. His present research interests emphasize
    two topics: the understanding of the dynamic properties of a
    vibrating nanometer-size object and the development of a
    nanolithographic method for large scale patterning of surfaces in
    ambient conditions. The method is based on the spatial confinement of
    a chemical reaction between an AFM tip and the sample surface (Local
    Oxidation Nanolithography).

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