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    HORIBA Scientific, Ltd.

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    Industry / Private Company

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    Emmanuel Leroy originally began his career at the Horiba Jobin Yvon facility in France (formerly Dilor) and moved to the USA as a Service Engineer to support the Raman products in North and South America. He was Raman Service Manager for over 5 years and then moved to Sales covering the Western United States. With the merge of the Fluorescence and Raman Divisions in 2006, Emmanuel Leroy moved to a role of Sales Support and Business Development for Raman, including interfacing with the French Research and Development team for the development of new products, the integration of existing products into process environments, or the combination of other techniques with the HORIBA Raman product line. Along with his formal duties of instrumentation development, Emmanuel is immersed in advanced Raman and Photoluminescence applications and technologies and has been involved since 2006.

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