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    Rajib Paul, currently a postdoctoral research associate at Purdue University, received his bachelor degree in Physics from University of North Bengal. He did masters in Physics and PhD on materials science & nanotechnology from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India in 2010. He has joined as postdoctoral research associate at Birck nanotechnology center, Purdue University in 2011. He has been awarded by several academic excellence awards throughout his career including Indian national scholarship award during his schooling, university distinction medal in bachelor exam and Purdue University Student Innovator award during his post doctoral research. His PhD work was related to radio frequency chemical vapor deposition of noble metal (Cu, Ag, Au) and transition metal (Ni) doped diamond like carbon thin films for surface plasmon, field emission (flat panel display), stress relieved hard coatings and room temperature ferromagnetic coating applications. He grew carbon nanotubes by electrochemical deposition for low concentrated methane gas sensing at room temperature to be used in coal mines in India. During his postdoctoral research Dr Paul has developed a facile microwave radiation assisted chemical modification of carbonaceous materials in different forms and shapes like macrofoam, graphene-petals, graphene-nanofoams, nanotubes and 3D tunable architecture for various thermal and electronics applications. His research work is focussed on thermal energy storage, waste heat management, kinetics study of solid/liquid phase transition and hydrogen storage. He is also associated with CVD graphene synthesis and functionalization in 2D form for advanced new generation electronics applications. He is life member of Indian Physical Society and member of Alumni Association of NCE Bengal and Jadavpur University since 2010.

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