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    Amrit Palaria completed his PhD in ECE at Purdue University, where he conducted research on structural, electronic and mechanical properties, and device applications of nanostructures such as silicon nanowires and heterostructures using computational methods. His work employed atomistic simulation methods such as density functional theory, molecular dynamics, tight-binding model and GW. His work was co-supervised by Prof. Gerhard Klimeck and Prof. Alejandro Strachan. He also served as the president of the Student Leadership Council of NCN at Purdue University. Amrit completed M.S. in ECE at the University of Arizona where he did experimental research work in the the Advanced Micro and Nanosystems Lab and briefly at the College of Optical Sciences. Prior to coming to US, he obtained his Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute (HBTI), India.

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