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    Dr. McNally is an assistant Professor or Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology at Purdue University. She is a member of the Birck Nanotechnology Center and the Bindley Bioscience Center (BBC) at Purdue’s Discovery Park. Dr. McNally currently directs the BBC Biological Atomic Force Microscopy (BioAFM) Facility. Prior to this Dr. McNally has been at Purdue as a Senior Research Scientist pursuing multidisciplinary research areas involving the Schools of Engineering, Science, and Veterinary Medicine with applications ranging from molecular electronics to spinal cord injury. Most recently she developed the BioAFM facility for campus wide access to scanning probe microscopy for biological and medical applications. Dr. McNally’s research interests involve the development and integration of scanning probe technologies for fluid applications. She is currently developing BioAFM short courses and courses in nano and bio technology at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Her interest also includes outreach and curriculum development for K-12.

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