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    Roberto Bez received the doctoral degree in Physics from the University of Milan, Italy in 1985. In 1987 he joined the Central R&D department of STMicroelectronics and started to work on Non-volatile Memory (NVM) technologies. In the 1990s, he participated in the development of the NOR Flash memory technology, initially as expert of the device physics and reliability and subsequently as project leader of the multilevel product development. since 2001, he has been working on the development of the NAND Flash memory and on the emerging technology based on the phase change memory concept. In March 2008 he joined Numonyx as Fellow, driving the development of the phase change memory and other alternative NVM technology. From April 201o he is with Micron, which acquired Numonyx. He has authored many papers, conference contributions and patents on topics related to NVM. He has been lecturer in Electron Device Physics at the University of Milan and in Non-volatile Memory Devices at the University of Padova, Politecnico of Milan and University of Udine.

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