Project description: Langevin simulations of the damped-driven dynamics of kink (topological solitons) in 1D can be performed with simple schemes and used to explore phenomenological models of successive phase transitions with applications ranging from cosmology to material science. This project is aimed at developing nanohub tools that can be used remotely to simulated kink dynamics in higher-order field theory. The user will be able to input various simulations parameters (such as time step, lattice spacing, total run time) and the model potential of the field theory (such as a polynomial or even a non-polynomial function). The Langevin simulation will be performed in real time, showing animations of the equilibration (or lack thereof) of coherent structures. The nanohub simulation tool developed will also build up a probability distribution function of accessed states on the fly. Options will be provided to compare the computed PDF to analytical results for selected potentials.