NISE Net NanoDays Kit Database

By Tanya Faltens

Purdue University

This is a database of NISE Net NanoDays Kits, with links to information about the kits and instructional videos. This database was created in 2014 and there may be some additional content added since then. This database contains all the...

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Version 1.0.0 - published on 22 Jan 2016

Licensed under CC0 - Creative Commons

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This is a searchable, filterable database of the NISE Net NanoDays Kits, through 2014.  Some additional content, for example training videos, has been created since then, but this contains all of the well-loved "classic" NanoDays activities and is very useful for finding content if you just remember a few key words.

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This version of the database may be missing content added to NISE Net after 2014.

The NanoDays kit content was developed by the NISE Network.   Please check their individual resources for copyright information.

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