WHiTe Compact Models 2.3.1

This package provides a set of 4H SiC (silicon carbide) high-temperature integrated device compact models, written in industry standard Verilog-A; currently included are a resistor and a JFET (junction field-effect transistor).

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Version 2.3.1 - published on 14 Jun 2022 doi:10.21981/QTM0-K479 - cite this

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The WHiTe (Wood High-Temperature) JFET (junction field-effect transistor) compact model has been developed to aid in the design of 4H SiC (silicon carbide) ICs (integrated circuits) for hostile environments. Key features include:

  • bilateral channel modulation by independent dissimilar gates;
  • field-dependent channel mobility;
  • voltage-dependent output conductance in channel saturation;
  • an extensive operating temperature range;
  • innate support for extrinsic channel series resistance; and
  • an intuitive and coherent set of physical and empirical parameters.

A process-compatible resistor compact model has been concurrently developed.

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NEW ENERGY_RELTOL build option
NEW VOLTAGE_ABSTOL build option for JFET
FIX non-standard attribute identifier usage
FIX bad parameter check for self-aligned JFET
FIX residual debug code
CHANGE model type parameter TYPE data type to integer
CHANGE analog sequential block identifier from main to top_level
CHANGE to using standard header files