What are resources?

Resources are user-submitted pieces of content that range from video presentations to publications to simulation tools.

Who can submit a resource?

Anyone can submit a resource! Resources must be relevant to the community and may undergo a short approval process to ensure all appropriate files and information are included.

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An animation is a short movie or a Flash-based demo that illustrates some concept.

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Compact Models

A compact model is a representation of a device that is used in a circuit simulator to model circuits as accurately as possible. nanoHUB is currently only accepting Compact Models from developers associated with or approved by the NEEDS node.

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Full academic or short courses consisting of voiced or video lectures and associated teaching materials.

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Data Exploration

Data exploration is a type of resource that allows you to leverage nanoHUB's custom data.

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Database resources offer a way for users to explore, analyze and download community-shared research data.

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A download is a type of resource that users can download and use on their own computer.

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Online Presentations

An online presentation is a voiced lecture, seminar, or presentation of some sort and may contain a video component.

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A paper is a publication relevant to the community such as thesis, supplementary documents, user guides, manuals, etc.

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Presentation Materials

Presentation materials are materials that are related to a presentation such as Powerpoint slides.

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Series are collections of other resources, typically online presentations, that cover a specific topic.

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Teaching Materials

Teaching materials are resources that are supplementary materials that are intended for educational use such as: study notes, guides, presentation content, homework sets, etc.

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A simulation tool is software that allows users to run a specific type of calculation.

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A collection of lectures, seminars, and materials that were presented at a workshop.

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