Near-Equilibrium Transport: Fundamentals and Applications

By Mark Lundstrom

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

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Lecture 1: Introduction to Near-equilibrium Transport View HTML
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A short overview of the topics to be discussed in the following nine lectures in this short course on near-equilibrium transport.

Lecture 2: General Model for Transport View HTML
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Datta's model of a nanodevice is introduced as a general way of describing nanodevices as well, as bulk metals and semiconductors.

Lecture 3: Resistance-Ballistic to Diffusive View HTML
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The resistance of a ballistic conductor and concepts, such as the quantum contact resistance, are introduced and discussed. The results are then generalized to treat transport all the way from...

Lecture 4: Thermoelectric Effects-Physical Approach View HTML
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The effect of temperature gradients on current flow and how electrical currents produce heat currents are discussed.

Lecture 5: Thermoelectric Effects - Mathematics View HTML
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Beginning with the general model for transport, we mathematically derive expressions for the four thermoelectric transport coefficients: (i) Electrical conductivity, (ii) Seebeck coefficient...

Lecture 6: An Introduction to Scattering View Flash View Notes (pdf) YouTube
In this lecture, we show how the mean-free-path (mfp) is related to the time between scattering events and briefly discuss how the scattering time is related to underlying physical processes.

Lecture 7: The Boltzmann Transport Equation View Flash View Notes (pdf) YouTube
Semi-classical carrier transport is traditionally described by the Boltzmann Transport Equation (BTE). In this lecture, we present the BTE, show how it is solved, and relate it to the Landauer...

Lecture 8: Measurements View Flash View Notes (pdf) YouTube
A brief introduction to commonly-used techniques, such as van der Pauw and Hall effect measurements.

Lecture 9: Introduction to Phonon Transport View Flash View Notes (pdf) YouTube
This lecture is an introduction to phonon transport. Key similarities and differences between electron and phonon transport are discussed.

Lecture 10: Case study-Near-equilibrium Transport in Graphene View Flash View Notes (pdf) YouTube
Near-equilibrium transport in graphene as an example of how to apply the concepts in lectures 1-8.