[Pending] Towards Calibrating Stiffness, Force, and Displacement of SPMs (ON HOLD)

By Jason Clark

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

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Because there is a lack of ASTM measurement standards for the AFM, it is not clear which calibration method in the literature is most accurate. Because the accuracy of the atomic force microscope is unknown, it is difficult to develop predictable models. And due to repeatability issues, two AFMs that measure the same thing will likely return different results. This talk will describe our efforts to address these issues by using self-calibratable MEMS as an accurate, practical, and practical way to calibrate AFMs. Although MEMS suffer from similar calibration problems, we have discovered a way to calibrate MEMS by leveraging off of their sensitive electromechanical attributes. If time permits we will present an innovative large-deflection, multiple-degree-of-freedom piezoelectric manipulator for SPM and nanolithography.

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